What Kind of Procrastinator Are You?


We are all different, and it is unfair to label people as one type of procrastinator or another, and yet, some of the labels seem oddly fitting. Here are a series of personality types that are slightly more prone to procrastination. Read to find out if you see elements of yourself in these descriptions.


You Are a Dreamer That Wants to Work, But Won’t


These are the types of people that always believe it will be better tomorrow. They see a glowing future where everything is going to turn out alright. They seem to be positive and driven, but they are actually dreamers. They have lulled themselves into a false sense of security. It gets to the point where they may see their world crashing down around them and yet do not act with enough vigor to help themselves.


Solution – Make plans. Make lots of them, and update them daily. It is often a culture shock to see how far you are away from your happy and perfect future.


Procrastination Due to Being Unaware You Are Tired


Apart from the lazy procrastinator (covered later in this article); the most common procrastinator is one that is tired. The spirit is often willing, but they just don’t get things done. Tasks are put off for no good reason, and current tasks seem to take a very long time. Not getting enough sleep is so common that many people brag about it, yet it is viciously destructive, especially to a person’s productivity and state of mind.


Solution – Sleep more. Even if you think you have gas left in your tank, you need to sleep more. Get to bed at the same time every night and have eight hours sleep.


The Perfectionist That Has Trouble Starting


There are some people that simply will not complete tasks because they are too worried about getting it done to perfection, yet they are unaware that they are perfectionists (because things never seem perfect to them–get it?) Even gamers will avoid starting a new level if there are too many things to collect, or because they know they have to do it perfectly in order to get all the power ups or special items. They are similar to over-doers (mentioned later), except that the amount of work doesn’t matter to this person, it is how well the work is done.


Solution – Change the way you approach things. Sure, you may be a perfectionist, but work differently. Do a quick rush job and then smooth out the rough edges rather than trying to maintain perfection as you work.


A Pressure Sensitive Procrastinator That Makes a Crisis


There are some people that work well under pressure, and some that become incredibly stressed. The worst part is that the longer they procrastinate, the more they stress about it, until it becomes a full-blown crisis in their mind.


Solution – Set arbitrary deadlines that are 25% sooner than the actual deadline, and stick to them, and you will be fine.


A Typically Lazy Person


Here is the most common procrastinator, the lazy person. Here is a person that thinks a task is not worth his or her time. People will live in abject poverty and will still not get up and do tasks that need to be done because they think they deserve better, they think other people should do the work, and it is more fun to sit and complain than it is to do the work. Do not pity these people–ignore them because they will bring you down.


Solution – Take a hard look at yourself because you are in denial.


Procrastination Due to Too Much Investment – The Over Doer


Some people invest so much effort into their tasks, even menial tasks, that they create insurmountable jobs where a regular or half-assed effort would have sufficed. They do not just vacuum the living room floor, they move the sofa around, get behind the electronics and do the skirting boards.


Solution – Start tasks as soon as you wake up. Over doers are miracle workers, just make sure you get an early start so that you have more time to work.


The Distraction Junkie


This is becoming more of a problem these days, but since the world economy hasn’t collapsed yet, we have to assume that this problem is manageable. A distraction junkie cannot work without music on or the TV on. They feel uncomfortable working without some sort of sound or distraction. They are viciously unproductive and procrastinate quite a bit (usually by accident because they are distracted), and yet most will claim they work better with music or the TV on. Most will simply accept a less productive standard so they may keep their music or TV on while they work.


Solution – Learn to love silence. Get out of the habit of having constant audio and visual stimulation. Learn to be at peace on your own. Experience the joy of silence and the bliss of solitude. Try not to fall asleep.