How Traveling the World Improves Your Perspective on Life

I think everyone is aware of the psychological benefits of taking a vacation.

You finally get to take time away from the daily grind and relax. You will make great memories with your travel companions and you will take countless amazing pictures. But people who travel the world come home with much more than memories and pictures. The experiences you have while traveling are truly priceless because you will come back with a more well rounded perspective on life in general.

One of the first realizations you will have when you start to travel is that you are not the center of the universe, and the things that seemed so important when you were living in a bubble are suddenly very unimportant. All of the superficial priorities we are focused on back home begin to melt away and we begin to see a much bigger picture.

As you travel you will gain a deep appreciation for all the beauty in the world wherever you go. You will marvel at mountains that touch the clouds and cascading sparkly waterfalls. You will see interesting new plants and animals. And if you are lucky, you will get to explore all of the beauty that is under the sea. Once you have developed this appreciation for nature all around the world you are more likely to be more environmentally responsible at home.

When you travel the world you develop respect and knowledge for world history. Visiting ancient ruins provides you a glimpse into a time when everything was much simpler. Yet these first civilizations developed philosophies for living that still shape our societies today. We spend so much time looking into the future it is fascinating to look into the past gain an understanding of how it all began.

Traveling really enhances your awareness of all the diversity in the world. You will become more sensitive to cultural differences and be more accepting of people with different values and beliefs than your own. I watched a documentary on happiness and learned that some of the happiest people live in the poorest most underdeveloped parts of the world. But their definition of happiness is just different than ours.

Finally, seeing the world will help you become more open-minded and adventurous. As you explore various cultures you will learn about their traditions and customs. You may try new and exotic foods you never knew existed. Keeping an open mind and choosing not to judge people who are different than you will make you a kinder more conscientious person.

When you travel you experience a change in scenery, which leads to a change in perspective. You learn that you are just a small part of a great big world. You learn to value the Earth we live on more. You learn that ancient history made the world what it is today. And you learn that no matter how different we are all around the world we are all just people doing what we can to live a happy and fulfilled life.