Tips to Improve Your Mental Wellbeing

 Mental pain is less dramatic than physical pain, but it is more common and also more hard to bear.”

C. S. Lewis


Feeling happy is just one part of mental wellbeing, not the whole. The whole encompasses feelings of contentment, enjoyment and engagement with the world. It also involves feelings of confidence and self-esteem.

In a sense, mental wellbeing is dependent on internal thought process as much as it’s on the external circumstances. It’s about living healthy, maintaining positive relationships and feeling empowered to do all what the heart wants.

Mental wellbeing does never mean not facing difficult situations and adverse feelings in life but it’s rather about coping them in a better and more positive manner. It’s about tiding over tough times with a smile and bringing joy to the self and the people around.


There are some tips to improve mental wellbeing, including:



Doing regular exercise is a good way to boost your mental wellbeing. Its advantages are two folds – it keeps you motivated and helps release a mood-enhancing substance (endorphins). So, exercising makes a great sense for its physical and physiological benefits alike. The best part, you can exercise and feel happy even without joining fitness classes.


Connect with people around you

Mental wellbeing is not possible unless you connected with the people around. So, be it friends or family members or pals from wider social circuits, you need to widen the horizon and forge meaningful relationships. This will make you feel secure and happy.


Find some activity to engage with

Being busy with some pursuit or other is often considered a great way to feeling happy and contended. You can go walking, cycling, playing some sports or just jogging around in the park. This keeps you away from accumulating stress and feeling depressed.


Open up and pour your heart out

It’s advisable not to hide more than what you can stomach. Hiding feelings and emotions for too long can upset the rhythm and balance of your life. More so, pretending to be OK when you’re not is a big NO. Show the real ‘YOU’ to the world.


Learn new skills

Feeling confident or feeling a sense of achievement is something which makes most of us happy. You can feel this way in many ways and the easiest of them all is by leaning some new skills. Try learning what you could not up until now and find some purpose in that.


Let positivity be a part of your life  

The more positive you feel, the more your mental wellbeing will improve. So, start hanging out with only positive people and let negatives get left behind. You can’t allow negative feelings to find a shelter around you, ever.


Have fun  

Having fun is akin to feeling happy. And feeling happy means having an improved mental wellbeing. So, adjust your busy schedule a bit and make sure to make fun a part of your life.



In overall, with little care and some tips, you can improve your mental wellbeing and lead a rewarding and enriching life.