The Benefits of Having an Athletic Significant Other

Relationships are such a wonderfully weird connection between two people. If you were to explain them in exact terms, you’d probably fail. And while the first words that come to mind are love, lust, commitment, soul-mates, and what not – the whole craze is so much more than that. Actually, relationships are that one obsession in our lives we always have trouble defining. And why? Simply because their immensity is bigger than any mold.  And that’s cute.

Two people spending a lot of time together will ultimately start rubbing their personal habits, styles, likes and dislikes off of each other, no doubt. Sometimes, this goes to the extreme where you both show up for your date night wearing the same denim shirt.  Other times, it all gets super cool – you start learning from each other and consequently get an intellectual, psychological, emotional and mental upgrade you didn’t even know you’d needed!
In addition, it is not uncommon for partners’ life habits to start mirroring each others’  – if you are dating an athlete, you’ll probably get hooked on working out; if you are dating a coach potato, you’ll probably end up 10 pounds heavier (at least!). Ahhh, love!

I was just talking to a friend the other day and she told me, and I quote “I am now dating this basketball player and it’s so amazing. I got hooked on working out. It’s like… other people go on dates – us? We go for a run!” I thought this was adorable! It honestly inspired me to think about beauties of partnership and list some of the perks that come from a relationship with a sporty guy!

Here we go:

  1. You get fitter

For most women, some extra weight in the hip, thigh or stomach area may pose as a real confidence buster. Having a boyfriend who is into sports will motivate you to stay in shape and work out with commitment! The good news? He fell in love with you even with the extra few pounds, so turn those workouts into fun sessions rather than ways to please your bae!

  1. The sex is awesome

Well, there’s no point in staying quiet on the matter when we are all thinking it! Guys who work out regularly are not only in amazing shape but they last longer in bed! Plus, they are more bendy and willing to try out new stuff. Just saying!

  1. You are genuinely happier

Sports is known to help stimulate serotonin and endorphin secretion; these substances are called neurotransmitters and they have a direct influence on your feelings of happiness or sadness. People who work out regularly are generally more happy, optimistic, enterprising and more loving in their relationships than pairs who don’t work out. These positive feelings are even stronger if you are working out with someone you are in love with!

  1. You have a personal trainer for free

It’s true! If your boyfriend is a sports fan he then probably knows all sorts of things to do to get leaner. Consult him for anything related to your workout and chances are he’ll be over the moon the help out. After all – this is his two favorite fields of interest merged in one big adventure – you and sports! An added bonus? You won’t have to pay for it!


Kate Flannery is an athletic Perthie with a boat. She likes the Mediterranean Sea, gourmet cuisines, and keeping up with NFL rumors and facts with her dude squad. She is a member of the HighStyleLife crew, and a dog person.