Teaching Our Children to Give and to be Caring

Teaching Our Children to Give and to be Caring

Children, bless their little hearts, have the ability to be perfectly sweet angels; or tiny, screaming devils, depending on their mood. They are rarely malicious, but they are young and sometimes don’t understand whether things are good or bad unless we teach them. They are like sponges and will soak up any information you tell them. They will learn even when you’re not looking, so it’s important to place your child in an environment that will nurture their natural compassion. There are a few steps that you can take to ensure your kid understands the wonderful power of giving and being caring and kind.

Lead by example

Humans, by nature, can be a little contradictory. We are selfish because we need to survive, but we are also social creatures and most of us want to help those around us. The selfish impulse is pretty useful if you and your kid are chased by wolves on a daily basis, but since we doubt that’s the case, you may wish to turn the focus on their natural compassion.

Of all the parenting problems, perhaps the most challenging one is how to make sure your child turns into a good person. How do we find that fine balance that will teach them to care for their own needs, but not become self-obsessed? How do we show them to be kind and helpful without becoming pushovers? We do that by starting early and setting up an example. Our children adore us, and while they’re young they think we’re practically the best thing the world invented right after ice cream. So, apply to volunteer with your child and help them learn by observing how you treat other people. Let them see the happiness on someone’s face after they receive help. Let your child learn that other people have problems and that things can be done to resolve them. Volunteering is a great way for your kid to understand that other people are separate beings with their own wants and needs, and that if we give a little, we can help a lot.

Proper surroundings

We can’t shield our children from external circumstances and outside sources forever, nor should we. A much better thing to do is teach them how to deal with things, and make sure they have a healthy environment to live in. Children education is important and it should start fairly early. Finding good child care centres like the ones in Brisbane is just as important as finding a good elementary school. Your child will gain some friends and they will slowly start learning how to work well with others. From sharing their lunch with a classmate to preparing gifts for someone’s birthday party, children will grow close to a friend and learn that once you love someone, you will want to give your best to make them happy.

Set up some ground rules

Children will make mistakes, and it’s important to let them know when that happens. It’s understandable that you want to spare them the pain and embarrassment, but sometimes a child will be selfish or even mean to another kid. You have to show them that what they did was wrong, without making them feel like you aren’t on their side. Learning how to deal with and fix their own mistakes is essential. You must always talk to your child. Don’t be condescending or dismissive if they come to you with a worry, no matter how silly it sounds. And if they do something bad, then sit them down and explain why that was wrong, and what they can do to make the situation better.

Reward your child when they do well, when you see them being sweet to someone, but not with candy or toys. They’ll start doing it just to get more things from you. A compliment is more than enough to show them that you approve of their good behaviour and that you want them to continue doing it.

Most children really want to be good and to please their parents. The desire to help others is there, you just have to help them draw it out and direct it properly. Teach them that giving doesn’t have to be about money and material things, sometimes it can mean just giving your time and your love to a person in need