How your Imagination can make you lightning fast

Heading for a job which requires perfect coordination and control?  Leading a team to do a job with perfect Precision and in the shortest time?

Allow me ten minutes and let me show you how to get the best out of yourself!

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Today I wish to talk about how your Imagination can help you win.

A little-known secret

This technique is practiced by athletes and high achievers all over the world. It is a definitive proof of the fact that our imagination is stronger than our will.

In my own professional life, I have practiced this innumerable times and it works like a charm!!

If you are heading for a job where you need perfect teamwork and coordination, as the leader you need to be in perfect control of your senses. If you have that, the job will be done – Quick and Precise. Your performance is most important for the whole thing needs to go in perfect sync!!!

How to use your imagination

Try this. Do it with complete faith. Just believe, and it will work

Take ten minutes out of your time before the job.

  • Relax in a comfortable chair.
  • Sit with your legs apart (not crossed) and relax your body completely.
  • Let your hands rest by the side
  • Let your body loose and limp.
  • Close your eyes.
  • Take deep breaths and focus on your breathing.
  • Relax your body and mind with each breath.
  • Take a back-count from ten to one, relaxing with each count.
  • Get yourself slowly down to a deeply relaxed state.
  • Now simply imagine yourself doing the job you are preparing for.
  • Imagine you are watching yourself from a distance.
  • You are going to do a task which requires you to lead – See yourself absolutely cool and calm, completely in control. You are assigning jobs as the situation requires or carrying out required tasks. No matter how tensed the situation is, you are always composed. Your team members are working with complete confidence in you, and in perfect sync with each other. They are completing the jobs as given. They are working in perfect coordination and teamwork.
  • Make your imagination as vivid as possible. Watch your demeanor and your attitude. See yourself as a high achiever and a perfect leader.
  • Imagine you have completed the task now. You are happy. You are content with your performance. Feel the sense of satisfaction and achievement.
  • Imagine shaking hands with your teammates and sharing the joy. Imagine your superiors complementing you for pulling off a successful venture in record time. Feel the joy inside.
  • When you have imagined the scenario vividly, slowly emerge from the trance.
  • Come back to the rest of the world, very very slowly. Count from one to five this time, with each count bringing you back to a fully alert state.
  • When you reach five, open your eyes slowly and feel the freshness of the dream.

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That’s it. You are all set!!

Just go for it now. Be the same happy person leading up to the event and you will see the change in your performance.


The Rules of the Mind

The mind has its own rules. It does not always tell us those rules. But we can find out patterns to break the code. This is one such hack.


People who achieve more than you do not have more intellect. Are they lucky? Not necessarily. Often, their knowledge levels are also just the same.

There are simple techniques which can shoot you up towards success.


The concept of imagination holds unlimited potential. Ten minutes thus spent will be more beneficial than hours of preparation which you might go through. If you can imagine yourself pulling off a job, it will be infinitely easy for you to actually do that in real life.


Try it whenever you are heading for a job where stakes are high, where you have no room for error.

And you can thank me later.