How to help your child make friends

How to help your introverted child make friends

For children, there is nothing better than playing, except playing with their friends and other children. Kids love spending time with other kids their age. However, not all children are as open or sociable as other, as a matter of fact, for some kids it is very hard to make friends because they are either shy or nervous. Kids that act differently than others can easily end up being the unpopular ones, without even doing anything wrong. It is up to the parents to help them through childhood, which is hard on its own. So what can parents do to help their child when it comes to making friends?

Sit down with your children

Everybody knows that it is really important to take the time to talk to you children. This should be done from an early age. Kids who are seen as introverts are not keen on talking and sharing thoughts. Being genuinely interested into what they have to say might make them open up to their parents more. This should not be forced in any way, if they are not open to the idea of talking with their parents don’t rush things, wait for another opportunity. Try pointing out that the way they act is not wrong in any way, but it would be really good for them to become more active and social.

How to help your introverted child make friends

Party time

Kids love parties, it can be a great way to meet new friends, get together with old ones and become a more social person. Throwing a party as a teenager can bring you a lot of popularity and skyrocket you on the social ladder. The same goes for kids of young age, they will be seen by their peers as popular. And what could be more popular than having your kid’s favorite superheroes coming to the party. You can arrange a visit from kids’ party entertainers that will make this party great. A well-organized party should make others forget that your kid isn’t very social and doesn’t like to talk. This could make other kids include your child into their activities and result in new friendships for your loved one.

Dealing with crises

Children learn how to behave through situations they encounter. Of course, kids will sometimes act badly. It is important to see your kid’s reaction in certain situations and correct their behavior if needed. Praising and scolding shouldn’t be overdone. If the children sometimes don’t get what they want they shouldn’t cry and scream in public. On the other hand, it might sometimes be beneficial for them to moderately brag and boast in front of other children. Simply use positive reinforcement when they act appropriately, or, in a normal voice explain if their behavior isn’t acceptable.

How to help your introverted child make friends

Group activities

Motivate your kids to become more active through some extracurricular activities. If your kid has an affinity for a certain sport, encourage them to try it out. Kids who play sports are always popular with their peers. This can be a great idea since they will have a common interest with other kids, they spend a lot of time together and eventually become friends. Same goes for other activities besides sport. Encourage them to try an instrument, learn a craft, and take up dancing if they are into it. This only gives your children more chance to become social.

It is not possible to implement all of this overnight. Have patience with your child and give them time to grow into a more sociable person. Simply give them support, be there for them and don’t try to force them into something they don’t like.