Discover 7 Easy Ways to Help You Achieve Your Goals

Everyone knows that goals are supposed to be the way to help you get what you want in life, set a goal and achieve more. Why do so many people fail to achieve their goals though? It seems so simple; think about what you want, have an intention to achieve it and hopefully your life will change. There are many reasons why you might not be achieving your goals.

Unfortunately, thinking alone will not get you anywhere, neither will simply having a good intention without being prepared for challenges, or not having clarity where to start, or sometimes not even knowing what you want. The real difference lies  in how effectively you set your goals and how much support you give yourself to achieve them after you set them. What I want to do is show you some things you can do to help you boost your success in achieving your goals.

Get clear on your goals – Decide what you want and get clear on your goal as well as:

-your deadline
-how you will measure your goal
-what you need to do to achieve it
-what resources you have and what you will need
-your obstacles and how you will overcome them
-what action steps you need to take

1. Plan effectively

You need to look at your end goal and determine what steps you need to take to achieve your goal. Then you need to include these steps and schedule them into your diary/calendar. Remember to only plan 75% of your time, take routine tasks into consideration, batch where possible and also plan according to your energy levels.

2. Do something

Take action. Planning but then giving into procrastination is not going to get you any results. Most of the time we have a good intention to achieve our goals, and then we hit resistance when taking further action. Preparing for your obstacles and also working through them when they arise are key to achieving your goals. You will come up again resistance often, everybody does, this is called homeostasis, a natural resistance to change. The key is to take action and have plans to keep you moving forward.

3. Keep your goal top of mind

Motivation is pivotal to achieving your goal. Motivation gives you that boost you need to keep going when you feel like giving up. Everyday looking at your goal, reaffirm it to yourself, visual it before you go to bed. Make it part of your daily routine, feel it.

4. Keep focused

Always stay focused on your thoughts and what you are feeling. Are you focusing on what you want to happen or what you are scared will happen? Focus on what you want and not on what you don’t want. Review your goals and progress regularly as well.

5. Commit and Persevere

To achieve any goal, you must be committed and persevere, even when you feel like giving up. Some days will be easier than others but to achieve any goal, you must persevere until you obtain it. Too many people have given up just before they finally achieved success.

6. Act as if

Always believe and have faith that you will achieve your goal and take confident action. To believe in only those things which you can see is not belief at all. If you don’t believe it will happen, it won’t happen. Whatever you believe, you are right. Act as if and expect the best to happen.

7. Journey, not destination

Lastly, stay present, enjoy it, it is about the journey and not the destination. Don’t feel like everything will be fine only once you reach your goal. Find the things that you can be grateful and happy for now and remember that reaching your goal will just make things much better, but don’t have the mindset of ‘when…I will…’

If you have a burning desire to achieve more than you currently are but you feel lost and stuck, remember, it is better to work through those emotions now than to give up on your dreams forever.