Coping With Living Alone

Starting a life on your own can be a stepping stone in your life. Nevertheless, this experience can sometimes fall really hard on people. Many people experience fear, insecurity, doubt and similar feelings when on their own for the first time. It is important to keep in mind that all of this is quite normal and that we all hurt sometimes. Getting thrown out of your comfort zone is certainly not a pleasant emotion, but we are here to help you cope with this transition. Sit back, relax and keep reading.








Love Yourself

Even though it might sound cliché, it is actually a very important part of coping. This does not necessarily mean forcing yourself to see every part of you as perfect, because none of us are perfect, and all of us have strengths and weaknesses. You should, however, learn to enjoy your own company. When you reach a point where you feel comfortable spending the evening alone, you will reach a new level of maturity. This is not an easy transition, especially if you are used to living with someone – your family, a roommate, a friend. We look for entertainment in social circles, validation for our enjoyment from others, and living alone – you are doomed to spend days in just your own company.







Just remember not to be like me last year, don’t spend a week without talking to a human being. Be like me this year, and organize pyjama and nailpolish parties for your adult friends – boys, girls and cupcakes! Organize even snazzier fancy parties just for yourself. Buy a toy crown and wear it around the house, you will literally feel the power of adulthood pour out of you, it’s great and you should totally do it.







You are given the opportunity to entertain at your own time, to the sound of your own drum. And no matter how switching to solitude (most of the time) can scare you, it is important to keep an open mind and learn to appreciate yourself more. It won’t be long before you decide one-person dance parties are preferable to a night of unbearable clubbing!


The next thing you need to learn is to value your freedom. It is really important to look at this as a positive change. At first, you might have a difficult time adjusting to an empty house and you might experience loneliness (word of advice, do not move into a large empty house by yourself. It is bad for your psyche, and it is bad for cleaning days. It is worst around Halloween). Shortly after, you will learn to value your freedom. This means that you will finally have the ability to do whatever pleases you without worrying if that will bother somebody else or if others will agree. This is a great opportunity to learn more about yourself. You will become the one and only owner of the remote control.




Perhaps one of the most valuable things that you will learn when you move into your new home is, of course, how it feels to be independent. Although this might come as a shock, overwhelming at times, you will learn to go with the flow and love it! Sure, paying bills, cooking for one, and doing your own laundry are just some of the things that you will need to learn in order to support yourself. Fortunately, nowadays, with internet and technology, even simple chores can be managed more easily. Taking care of yourself will never be a breeze, but millenials will prefer paying rents through apps. Cleaning up is a drag, but if you make like Freddy Mercury and make it a musical about your young-adult angst, you’ll do better. You know you’re an adult when your list of Youtube tutorials expands from contouring tutorials to plumbing hacks!

Adapting to new changes can be quite difficult for some people. Moving away to live on your own should serve as a great learning experience. You may have learned a lot about life up to this point, but a month of solitary habitation will truly make you a force to be reckoned with in the wild world outside. Learn to make the best of every situation and you will learn that moving away is probably one of the best things you’ve done for yourself. Just keep in mind that living on your own does not mean losing contact with all your loved ones – your friends and family will always be just a phone call away, and remember to make those calls!