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Working While Abroad? Stay Professional And Productive

With the power and innovation of the internet, many people are taking the opportunity to work in more scenic and cultural unique locations. Whether it’s through self-employed or a very understanding company, many people are advancing in their chosen career while also living in a new country.


In fact, working abroad is becoming increasingly popular with today’s younger generations. Of course, this presents a whole new series of challenges. Not least of all is the task of separating your holiday and work mind-sets. When there are beaches to enjoy, culture to soak up and an entire country to explore, it can be difficult to stick to your professional duties.


Yet you should always remember that it is your work that supports your ability to enjoy your travels, not the other way around. Maintaining my productivity has been a vital part of my ability to travel frequently. I can see places I want to explore, yet my clients know I still deliver the best results regardless of my location. Here are 5 of the best ways I know to stay professional and productive while abroad.


Travel At a Slower Pace

When you’re on a work-free holiday, it’s easy to explore the stunning area as quickly as possible, regardless of how much time you will actually have to spend moving around. However, you will quickly find this isn’t useful when you need to work. When you’re constantly packing, unpacking and finding somewhere to stay, there’s little time to sit down and focus on work – even after you find a new wifi-spot.

A slower travelling pace is more ideal, as you can get into your stride. I’ve found staying in one place for at least for 4 or 5 days at the minimum. This gives me the chance to get into a regular working habit before I need to move again.

You should also remember that embracing a new culture requires time to acclimatise and adapt. A slower travel pace gives you more time to do this without interrupting your workflow.

This was the most useful when I journeyed between Turkey and the United Kingdom on a regular basis. I would spend months at a time in Turkey, with small periods in the UK. It was these transitional periods, however, that vastly disrupted my productivity.

As an added bonus, travelling at a slower rate means you don’t run out of new places very easily. Even if big countries such as Turkey, constantly moving means you can explore entire regions quicker than you might imagine.


Always Know Your Internet Options

As nice as it might sound to enjoy the natural views in a rural village, have you considered the availability of internet access? Wherever you go, you should always make this a priority. How else can you get any work done?

Take a lesson from one of my mistakes. When I first explored Turkey, I would venture to quieter, rural areas, only to find little to no internet connections at all. Not everywhere has coffee shops or wi-fi hotspots like the big cities do!

I always recommend doing your research first. Don’t just count on your hotel or local residence, as there may be limits or costs to this usage. If you want to have the safest, most reliable option, sign up for a mobile data plan so you can connect to the internet anywhere you can get a signal.


Find and Use Coworking Spaces

Sometimes, even when abroad, a professional environment can really drive you to get the work done. If you’re in a big city, it’s likely you can find some coworking space available. These offer a great space to get some work done, while also meeting like-minded professionals (and the occasional nomad, like yourself).

Other than helping you maintain a professional mind-set, working alongside others allows you to bounce ideas or even do a little networking. These spaces are typically friendly to all walks of life, so you can experience an interesting blend of fellow foreigners and local freelancers.


Get Into a Morning Habit

Professional workers get up in the morning, holiday makers do not. When you’re travelling abroad, remember that you are in the former category. While it may feel like a vacation, you also need to earn your keep. Wherever you are, do what the locals do in the morning and prepare as if you had to be in the office by 8.00 am sharp.

This includes taking time to exercise and eat breakfast before you sit down with your laptop. I find this greatly improves productivity and, come lunchtime, I’ve usually got a lot of my work done. This way, I can explore and have fun in the afternoons, knowing I don’t need to stop and get back to work.

As an added benefit, this gives me plenty of time away from work and discover some new inspiration. Personally, I’ve found an afternoon stroll through the local streets gives me plenty of new and creative ideas for Muslim dresses, but this wouldn’t happen if my mind was still preoccupied with an unfinished assignment.


Find the Right Friends

Travelling abroad is an excellent way to befriend unique and interesting individuals, but you still need to choose your friends wisely. You may find fellow travellers but not all of them will also be working, like you. As such, you need to be able to turn down their offers for mid-week parties and weekend adventures.

While there is nothing wrong with this company, it’s better to find people who work and travel as well. I’ve always found these people to be more understanding of your own needs, encouraging your productivity rather than infringing on it. These people always understand your situation and are a great way to swap ideas, skills and networking opportunities. If that’s not enough, they can also help you enjoy your free time, since they also won’t be looking to stay up until 4.00 am.

Ultimately, working away from home gives you a unique and fantastic opportunity to explore the world without the restrictions of the typical 9 to 5. Yet your ability to work is your means to keep on travelling and living abroad, so don’t throw this chance away due to a lack of productivity. These tips may not be the easiest to adopt, but they will become a worthwhile habit in no time.


How Cooking Can Be a Different Way of Relaxation

You know that everybody deserves to be happy, right? Each of us has some things that we love to do. There are many hobbies you can choose from, and you could become passionate with it. But for now, let’s talk about cooking. If you are one of those people who has the passion in cooking, this article is for you.


Did you know that cooking can be a good way of relaxing yourself?

There are two types of people who cook. One is that he cooks just to make a living, and the other one is cooking with a passion. When it comes for you to relax with cooking, it’s all about passion. You have the so-called “grit” that drives you to motivate in cooking your favorite delicious meal. Not just for yourself, but for your families and friends as well.

As long you hold on to this “grit”, you will be more relaxed and having fun while cooking. Do you believe that you can become successful of something that you’re passionate about? Of course you do, as long you are going to work it out and do something different and extraordinary that nobody else does.


Do you cook in order to work? Or are you cooking for fun?

If you just cook in order to keep your job or earn money, you’ll get stressed. You know why? It’s because your boss or head chef pressures you to cook for customers. The more you are pressured, the more you get stressed which leads you to have relaxation issues.

However, doing this for fun is what makes you feel relaxed. You may forget about getting stressed or pressured, as long you love cooking. If you’re passionate to cook your favorite “out of the box” dishes, it’ll relieve you from getting stressed once and for all.

In order for you to stay relaxed while cooking, here are a couple of tips you should learn and apply.


1 – Prepare a menu plan

It’s better that you should have this in order to stay relaxed and move away from stress and pressure. Make sure that you plan in advance (like one week advance) about the meal that you want to cook for your family. Preparing extra meals ahead of time is an advantage for you. It will save you time and money. It will allow you to prepare complete and balanced meals that could make you and others healthy as well. Maybe some of you aren’t doing this for a while. You may not expect that all people must do this. However, this is already a proven way for you to get relaxed while cooking.


2 – Have a relaxing mind

It’s really essential for your mind to be relaxed. In order to do that, there are few ways which are considered effective for most people. Listening to music is a good example of relaxing your mind. As you listen to your favorite music, the energy and excitement within you increases in silent mode. If you have that feeling, there’s no doubt that you are more relaxed than ever. Thinking and attracting positive things while you cook are a big help to make you relax as well. Try to make this a habit and you’ll definitely see the changes by yourself. It’ll also let you almost forget about the problems, issues and circumstances arrived in you. Just remember, relax and enjoy what you do.



Once you learn how to love cooking, there’s no doubt that you’ll become relaxed in many days to come. It’s essential for you to avoid stress that could damage your cells and become prone to chronic illnesses. If you cook just for work, your mindset is wrong. But if you have the passion and love of cooking, it’s definitely sure that your mindset is right. Once your mindset is right, you’ll be surprised of your results in no time by just relaxing yourself while cooking.




The Art of Living in the Moment

Life is what happens to you right now. It is not a collection of thoughts and memories, it is not a plan for the future. It is right here and now. Still, you continue to think over and over how it was 5 years ago or keep dreaming about the years to come. You forget about your present. You forget to live. You do not even notice when you are happy. You understand that something good is going on but cannot enjoy that because you are far from here – in your past or in your future.


Living in the moment is an art for modern people. We’ve forgotten how to enjoy simple things and how to pay attention to the beauty of life. We are so tensed with the lack of time, with our jobs, with problems that we even do not have time to breathe. Simple things became a luxury. Time is more precious than money. You have no right to enjoy and feel the moment. But is it a good way to spend your life? Perhaps, you could change something and make yourself think different.


  1. Thinking is good. But have a break.


We need to think. All the time. If you do not think, you do not live. You need to generate thousands of ideas per day. You need to be creative. You need to be original. Thinking is better than eating and sleeping. Thinking is the only thing that really deserves your time. Thinking is good. But having some breaks is a necessity. You need to let yourself forget about a permanent process of thinking. Meditation ( is the best way to do that. Do you know that most influential people of this world start a day with meditation? Just try it. Try to free your brain from thoughts. A bonus for meditation is additional space for your unselfconsciousness. When you are not tensed with thoughts, it starts to work and bring you new ideas.


  1. Future is what you create now.


Are you afraid of your future? Do you keep worrying about it all the time? It is not what you need. Worries won’t help you create your future. You can think thousands of ideas, but if you do nothing, they will not help you live better. You need to be active. You need to do something. Remember that you create your future in this moment. And in fact, future is not far from you. Future is here.


  1. Find out what is real.


If thoughts became your reality, you cannot enjoy your life. Thoughts have more influence on the quality of your life than you can imagine. Sometimes, thoughts become even more real than the life itself. Stop living in your thoughts. Take yourself back to the reality. Spend time with your friends, observe the nature, grasp the beauty of what surrounds you. The reality is more beautiful than you think.


  1. Use your mornings.


You do not need to wait until Monday to begin a new life. Use your mornings! When you open your eyes, you have a choice how to spend your day. A good morning can inspire you for a good day. This article ( will help you change your attitude to mornings, discover new ideas how to live in the moment and stop postponing your life.


  1. Find your center


Yoga teaches us that our center is what keeps us balanced in our physic and mental form. If you have no time for regular practices, you can just use some yoga ideas in your life. If there is something you cannot change, just let it go. You do not need this tension. Breathe deeply in any situation. Do not panic, just breathe and feel your body. Your center is the thing that will lead you through your life. Stick to it.


Living in the moment is a challenge. Face it. Show that you can manage your life. It’s all about you and your attitude to what and how you are doing. Live. Breathe. Enjoy.


Find Happiness in Gardening

For me, few things are as enjoyable as gardening. There’s something utterly rewarding about being able to get your hands dirty and sustain life from the soil itself. It doesn’t take much, but gardening can often be a great way to feel better about yourself, or even just re-evaluate your own self-worth and capabilities. If you’re looking for a way to improve your outlook, here are a few easy ways to find happiness in gardening.


You Don’t Even Need A Garden

First of all, it helps to address the fact that gardening doesn’t always require a garden. Even if you live in an apartment or flat, plant pots and bedding trays give you plenty of options. In fact, gardening in such a home has the added benefit of introducing natural greenery into your home environment.

If you don’t have your own garden, allotment or yard, you can use plant bots next to windows and balconies. As long as plants have sunlight, you can still flex your green fingers. Of course, you’re also free to rent an allotment if you want to do more.


A Communal Experience

While gardening can be done on your own, it’s often better with other people. If you’re looking to rent an allotment or other outdoor space, why not take something up with friends? This is a great way to socialize, while still offering all of the joyful benefits gardening can offer as a hobby.

Likewise, there’s also a much wider community out there. Whether it’s local garden centers and nurseries, horticultural organizations or even botanical projects, there are experts and amateur hobbyists alike that are happy to talk to you. Gardening is an open invitation to a larger society, offering a great way to meet new people and enjoy the company of others. Once you start gardening, you’ll find we can be a very welcoming community!


Physical Rewards

One of the biggest joys of gardening, for many people, is seeing the physical results of your labour. Whether it’s growing fruits and vegetables to eat, or simply growing beautiful flowers, it’s always rewarding to see the visible results of your work. Gardening proves that we, as people, can achieve great things with a little time and effort.

In addition to this, it’s also physically good for you. Even a little gardening on a regular basis keeps your body active, providing a range of physical and therapeutic benefits.


Grow Your Confidence

As a result of this, gardening can also help grow your confidence. After all, it’s your hard work that delivers these results. I found growing my first flowers greatly changed how I felt about my own ability to succeed.

However, one of the best parts of gardening is that you don’t need to start off too advanced. You can learn at your own pace, starting out with a plant or two. Once you learn the basics, you can develop larger beds or trays. As you learn your way around these plants, as well as experiencing the results of your first seeds, your confidence will greatly improve. Vegetables and fruits are a great way to do this. After all, it’s hard not to feel proud when eating something you grew and harvested all by yourself!


Getting Close To Nature

For many people, there simply isn’t time or space to experience nature. Yet gardening can offer exactly that. It doesn’t take up too much time, but by embracing plants and introducing more greenery, you can allow nature to enter your home. This can provide a much-needed distraction from modern city life. When city life gets too much, I enjoy nothing more than just getting my hands dirty and appreciating the natural world for a change.

The Benefits Of Sight And Smell

Similarly, few things smell and look as fantastic as nature. Everyone has their own preferences but the pleasing aesthetic of a beautiful flower, combined with the fresh aroma, can lift anyone’s mood. Plants offer a range of colours, so you can choose the ones that compliment your home or happen to make you happy.

Likewise, there are various herbs, such as lavender, which offer a soft and gentle fragrance. Between herbs and flowers, you can easily give your home a soft, relaxing scent that will subtly transform your overall mood.


Earn Money While Doing It

Finally, if these benefits weren’t enough, gardening can also turn a small profit. If you start growing excess vegetables, flowers or seeds, why not share what you have achieved? While you might want to do this for free, some people enjoy selling their plants for a small profit.

Either way helps to build your own confidence and highlight what you are capable of. This can also help you choose what to plant as well. By growing what people want, you are meeting a need, filling a hole and creating a sense of fulfillment. It always feels good to be useful.


In short, gardening is one of the most joyful and emotionally rewarding hobbies anyone can take up. While it might seem daunting at first, it is a relatively easy hobby that only asks for a little effort and patience. If you’ve never tried it before, why not head down to your nearest garden center for more advice on how to start?

Eight Ways to Handle a Broken Relationship

If you had seen it coming, you would have braced yourself for it. But you hadn’t. The words “it is over” tore right through your heart and left you in a stupor. Nevertheless, life has to go on. Fretting about it won’t make things any better for you. You have to learn to recollect the pieces, keeping in mind that heartbreaks are part of life. Granted, a broken relationship can be very devastating; however, it is not the end of life. Many people may end up completely disillusioned and some even take irrational steps such as taking one’s life. It is important to learn to face the situation and accept reality. You need to remind yourself that nobody was meant for the other. This is the first step towards recovery. The following are some eight tips to help you deal with a broken relationship.


Spend time with people close to you

A broken relationship will certainly leave a black hole in your heart. Spending time alone is a void that you need to fill with the right people – not another lover! Attend to the gap left by the other person by reconnecting with your friends. They are likely to help you through with the heartbreak because they understand you better. You will need to open up to them and tell them exactly what happened. At this time, apportioning blame to the other party may not really work. State the facts as they are. Your friends will listen and empathize with you. Reconnecting with your friends will help you not feel the gap left by your former lover.


Learn to reconnect with yourself

You can turn a broken relationship into a silver lining on a cloud. Instead of letting the frustration of being left and abandoned eat at your nerves, focus on the brighter side of life. Your former love has been occupying most of your space and time. Consequently, you have not been paying attention to yourself so much. Their departure from your life means that you have all the time and space to yourself. It is now time for personal development. Take an evening course to further your career. Alternatively, embark on programs that boost your physical health, such as visiting the gym or jogging in the evenings. You may become even healthier than when you were in a relationship. Thank God, it happened!


Take to your hobbies

Before the relationship hit rock bottom, you had hardly any time to engage in your hobbies. This because you were busy planning dates, meetings and doing what the other person likes best. You had to sacrifice some of your favorite activities in order to accommodate your love. Of course, you were not complaining: it was a small bargain to make. Now that the relationship is over, it is a good time for you to start watching your favorite movies, visiting friends and relatives, hitting the football pitch with alacrity and going swimming. You now realize what the relationship was costing you. It is just as well it is over.


Justify the fact that the relationship was less than perfect

It is not too hard to convince yourself that the relationship was not the best thing to happen to you. As human beings, we have flaws that we can do nothing to change. You can lessen the pain of heartbreak by reviewing the weaknesses in the other party. Moreover, you can be sure they were many, now that you are looking back. They must have been in another relationship or were not too keen on keeping time. They even did not like your parents or siblings or were too possessive. The more you think about it, the more you will appreciate that it is over.


Seek divine intervention

Turning to God is also a viable option. There are things in this world that we can’t control. You can’t force other people’s feelings to be favorable to you. It may not be easy to handle heartbreak on your own, and your friends may not be of much help because they are also limited as human beings. Besides, you may not have the strength to tell them your sad story. Pray to your God to give you strength and to show you the next step to take.


Accept that nobody is perfect

People in love often live under an illusion that their love is perfect. A brutal reality check hits them in the face when things go south. However, you can put matters in control by accepting that nobody – or nothing – is ever perfect. Recently I read an article in regarding Relationships before and after marriage, they explained well how relationships last long. You may be the reason why it happened. Therefore, accept your mistakes and move on. After all, there are far more important things in life than relationships. Identify your weak points and work to strengthen them. The broken relationship should serve as an eye-opener to make you a better person.


Visit a counselor

A broken relationship may too much to handle. This is especially the case when it has lasted a long time and you have invested a lot in it. It may be time to find your way to the nearest relationship counselor. However, take care to visit professional counseling centers that have a proven track record. You can do that by reading client reviews on their websites or blogs. Keep in mind that it may cost you’re your precious dollars. So check your bank account first. Nevertheless, some organizations offer free services and you may have to find out about them.


Give yourself time to heal

You realize that it was not possible to build Rome in a day. Therefore, do not expect normalcy to return immediately. The healing process usually takes time. Avoid rushing into another relationship because you will be setting the stage for another heartbreak, but this does not mean you repress your feelings. Go on, feel the disappointment, let the rage flow out of you and with time, you will begin to cool down. It won’t matter how long it will take but definitely you are going to recover and pick up the pieces.

8 Ways to Work Under an Angry Boss

Is the office turning into a battlefield? Is the pressure tremendous and growing? Are you mad all the time, even when you come home?? You have come to the right place on the web then.


Well, often in life there are situations we cannot come out of, no matter how much we try. If you have a Mad-man as your boss, a man who would release of all his worldly tensions through you – you ARE in such a place!!

No matter how much you draw cartoons of him and share them on Facebook (A REAL stress buster, by the way!!), the hidden pressure does not seem to go away.

            Let us try then, to find out what best we can do about your situation.

First, forget the fact that you are helpless. You, at whichever capacity you are in, are a professional and there may be some constraints, but you are in no way ‘stuck in a job’. It’s important to realize this before we start. Please get this clear in your mind. You are an adult human being and no matter how pathetic you are, DO NOT play the ‘victim-card’ to yourself or to anyone else. Do not ever feel helpless in life because there are always options. You just have to be bold enough to take them. Your lack of boldness is not your Boss’s fault.

I have been a sailor all my life. In my profession, Bosses change very often. I have had the fortune (No, I cannot say ‘Misfortune’ here, because everyone teaches you something) to work with people who would have won an award in ‘International Grumpiness’ category if there was such a thing – those who would never be pleased or happy ever!! I would not say that I knew exactly what to do at the time because most of it has come up as a coping mechanism while working under them. But yes, these principles worked for me at later stages. And worked to such an extent that few of them still are in touch with me and have high regard for me.

I know what you must have thought in your mind so many times – “Wish he understood….” “Wish he didn’t have to vent all his tensions through me…” “Wish he could talk like a normal person…” and at times with much worse connotations.

All above are wishes. Wishes may come true, but we cannot wait for that, can we? This blog is not for your boss, it’s for you!!! If I wanted to try and change your Boss, I will write another one for him later….but as of now let’s find out the psychology behind all this grumpiness and let’s see what is in Our hand.

Traits associated:


Bosses who are excessively assertive, and want things done precisely in a certain way, are often the ones who get angry pretty fast and want to push their weight around. They want everyone to know ‘WHO is the Boss’.

Well there are usually few common traits associated with these people:

  1. They are usually high achievers and coveted by the senior management, which means they can ‘perform. This is a fair assumption to make because in any industry a person cannot be a bully without performing. Others usually return to their shell and have to depend on their juniors to keep up their names. That confidence from where all this yelling comes, is, more often than not, from well-defined achievements. So, no matter how much you abuse them, they are doing something right.
  2. They are seldom happy with what you do. At best they don’t comment. At worst they make your very existence look useless. Usually, this is the result of an excessively high self-esteem. They feel appreciation is counterproductive, it makes you complacent. At times, they feel appreciation is useless, or that it undermines their own authority. In my time in the navy, we have seen such Captains, for whom it was “My way or the Highway”. Such people have mellowed down now with all the Management training and advice on teamwork imparted, but they are still the same inherently. It shows at times.
  3. They usually are goal-oriented: They will not take NO for an answer, no matter how justified it looks to you. They will not want to hear your excuses, even if those excuses are justified. Again, this is not really a bad thing, if you think of it from a neutral place.
  4. They are not adaptable. They want things done a certain way and they will not deviate, no matter how much you try to persuade. This belief has come over years of practice and there is not much you can do to change that.
  5. Often they have deep personal problems at home or elsewhere, due to which the achievements in the workplace are the only places for them to find solace and satisfaction.


What to do about them then?

Follow these methods – just follow them blindly and tell me your results.

  1. Raise your credibility level: There is no excuse for underperformance, and there should not be. You as a professional are expected to do your job- no more, no less. Do not give yourself that excuse, whether your Boss is a Tiger or a Snail. That is your commitment to the job. If you truly feel you are lacking there, roll up your sleeves and spend more time to learn your job until you reach that level where you are confident of what you do.
  2. Know what you are supposed to do: Unless you are managing your own work with extreme ease, do not venture into being proactive and doing other people’s jobs. If you make a mistake you will be thrashed for that, and it won’t feel good. However, once you are confident in your job responsibility, and once you are managing them well, do step up to be proactive and that will be appreciated.
  3. Do not talk much: Keep conversations to a minimum at first, talking only about things which are essential. Do not divulge excessive information, unless you feel they are essential to the job or to the aim the company is trying to achieve.
  4. Always be professional: This is more like a disclaimer to the former point. You need to report the good and bad things to your boss, no matter how angry he gets, as long as they are relevant. What I mean is – be honest enough to tell him exactly what is relevant, but not excited enough to give him excessive information.
  5. Learn: If you think he is telling you something valuable, even if it is in a wrong tone, do not lose the opportunity to learn from it. Such people can teach you few of the most valuable lessons in your profession3
  6. Keep calm: This perhaps is the most difficult yet most important thing. While he is shouting at you, or yelling, keep absolutely calm. Wait for that momentary pause between his sentences. You need to respond in a calm and confident way, not raising your voice and not being confrontational in what you say. If you do not have anything, a simple “Okay Sir” will do, as long as it is said in eye contact and with confidence.I advocate meditation for achieving this state. Even 5 minutes a day can change your life.
  1. Do not accept personal blows: If he gets personal at any time, or if he yells at you in front of your juniors or ridicules you, you should not keep quiet. But at the same time, your reply should not be overtly confrontational. A cold statement like: “Please do not say that Sir” can work miracles. You will be surprised how many angry bosses are quietened by one person who would not take his brunt. Do that if needed. But cover your bases beforehand. Make sure he does not get you cornered. Do some research and ensure you are correct.
  2. Empathize, be the bigger person: When he has faith in your abilities, talk to him like a friend. Try to empathize, because I am sure he has a deep rooted personal problem which gives rise to such actions. Bring them out and you will have made peace with him at some level.

Ways to Encourage Your Childs’ Social Development

One of the most prominent issues every parent faces when enrolling their children into a preschool and school is that they will be unable to socially cope with their surroundings. Worst case scenario is that you might overprotect them to a degree where they will be inexperienced to behave within socially expected norms. Nevertheless, try not to force your child to be a perfect description of what socially developed is, as it could prove to be too difficult at times.


Focus On Positive Reinforcement

Children learn by example and if you do not become a good figure to look up to, then they will be insecure on how to behave. Be sure to try and be positive whenever possible and to always give positive feedback to reinforce when proving a point. Avoid yelling and raising your voice as it might be scary and you could cause deeper problems within your child. Instead, always try to talk it over with reason because your kid is capable of understanding what is going on.

Fight Social Anxiety

Being shy and an introvert could be problematic to most children as they will be labelled as a social outcast and it might be difficult for them to grasp how to become sociable. Moreover, in most cases it could be the root for causing social phobia and feeling anxious in stressful situations. If left untreated, your kid could have problems later on as they will be having a hard time fitting into society. Anxiety should be approached with care because in most cases helping could result in the child introverting even more.

Seek the Help of Professionals

More often than not, parents will have a problem detecting that there is something wrong with their child, and without noticing it on time, your kid could suffer greatly. However, if you enrol your child into an early learning centre the staff and professionals will be able to help your kid out by teaching them how to approach social skills. Furthermore, the environment and the constant care will be such that it will help every child overcome their fears and insecurities without any major issues. You have to teach your kid that it will take some time and that with time their social skills will be developed.

Working on Various Levels

Do not only focus on social development to expect your kid to know how to react and behave in society, but, to also know how to cope with empathy, and how to communicate with the world around them. While it is good idea to let your kid spend time with peers, it will not often be the best of methods. Try to spend time together as a family as it will strengthen bonds and ensure that you can give them enough courage to become socially adept handling any kind of situation. Moreover, try to teach them that it is acceptable to make a mistake here and there and that it will not be the end of the world.

Have Fun With Them

In order to create a specific bond with your kid, and to be able to understand them, you will have to focus on having fun together. Not only is it better as you will be able to teach them new skills and help overcome certain difficulties, but, it will be a great chance to meet new friends as well. Nevertheless, throwing a sports party can be a good idea if you want your child to communicate more, and to find new friends. Remember to choose a sport your kid likes, otherwise they might not have fun at all.

Do not try to assume if your kid is developing social skills accordingly as you might end up with a wrong diagnosis that could worsen the situation. Instead, go for the opinion of the professionals who will be able to tell you exactly what you need to do and how to help from then on. Overprotecting your child will only result in shutting them off even more and helping them nurture their anxiety. Try to overcome the difficulties together and always ask your child if there is anything you could do to help.


Meditation Plus Running as a Treatment for Depression

What is more beneficial, meditation or running? What would you prefer doing if both delivered health benefits although in different ways?

Well, to start, you should know that meditation before running brings more benefits to mental health than doing either of them separately. It’s also proven how, when done together, they can help those facing depression.

As we know, depression is caused when one fails to rise beyond the past or past unhappy memories. Hence, by combining both of these exercises can help you in many ways. After all, meditation is known as a powerful force since ages ago as it helps in reduction of stress levels and clearing the mind.

We also know that running is a great form of exercise that lifts the mood and enables a surge of positive emotions. We can clearly see how both of these are effective ways to having a positive impact on mental health. Similarly, both of these are emotionally beneficial activities with great benefits to fight against depression.

Keeping the benefits of meditation and running in mind, a team of researchers at Rutgers University in New Brunswick, N.J., tried to see the results appearing from their collaboration or synergy. It means, the collective impact of an aerobic exercise and mediation was gauged to come to a conclusion. And the result is something that creates a great hope for those dealing with depression.


Here are some key points from the new study, published last month in Translational Psychiatry:

  • The study proved that the synergy helps individuals alleviate depressive thoughts and feelings over time.
  • The study confirmed that meditation before running is more beneficial than doing these activities alone.
  • The participants experienced a diminishing inclination to ruminate over bad memories, which is a major case of depression.
  • The collaboration brought positive results to even those practitioners who are not inflicted with depression of any level.
  • The growth of new brain cells or neurons was reported among participants, which is often prevented during depression.

The study was conducted on a total of 52 men and women, and out of them, 22 were diagnosed with depression. It was a short study which lasted for 8 weeks in total and the researchers also did not follow up with the study to gauge whether the mood improvement lingered on or not.

During the study, synergistic effects were delivered on the brains of participants. It was found that the mood gets better and the intensity of depression gets lower in a gradual manner. It was also found that participants showed an increased level of concentration and attention span.



It’s obvious how mediation and running can combine to help people with depression. The study was, however, small but ended up peeking into an area we could not till now. In a way, it is surely an interesting study whose findings bring some hope to those facing depression for long.


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Freelancing – Your Ticket to the Express Train of Self-Improvement

The world of freelancing isn’t just a dimension where you get to earn some extra cash next to your primary income. It can actually become quite fruitful for your career in several different aspects. Not only do you get a chance to branch out and network with people, as well as to discover more about yourself, you also get to build your skill set and knowledge, and eventually find yourself on the road to self-improvement that you never even imagined was possible by simply venturing out in freelancing.

Here’s how freelancing affects different areas of self-improvement and why it’s good for you and your business.

  1. You Get Better at Your Profession

As you start working as a freelancer, one of the first things you’ll notice about yourself is that you’re constantly working on super-sizing your skills and abilities. As a freelancer, you get the luxury of choosing the projects you work on and this means you’re going to focus a lot on creating high-quality work, instead of automatically putting out content that doesn’t challenge your skills. Working on multiple projects pushes you to work on your talents and abilities, because in essence, you’re getting paid to do just that.

Obviously, you’re catering to your client’s needs, but at the same time, you’re consistently doing your best to excel at what you do, because you know that you depend on the good word of mouth. That’s why as a freelancer, you always work on keeping your skills sharp and on point.

What does this lead to? This ultimately leads to you being highly skilled but also being able to take on projects that are highly paid and more demanding, thus contributing to the benefit of your own brand.

  1. You Create a Brand for Yourself

Ah yes, the brand! As you venture out to work on your own, you stop being just another face in a company. You are the company and you are your own brand. Although in the beginning, you might be just an individual seeking out projects, you still have to portray your abilities in the best way possible and sell those abilities to clients. You can’t rely on your boss to send you clients. You have to be the boss and learn how to do it on your own.

When you’re just starting out this means creating an online portfolio that demonstrates your work, expertise, experience and character. Once you dive deeper into freelancing, you realize that you hold the key to your own success, which includes connecting with the right people, and working on the right projects, thus slowly building a name for yourself.

  1. You Learn to Manage Time Better

Most of the freelancers have a choice when they are going to work. Whether you’re more willing to work during the morning, or late at night, as long as you respect your client’s deadline, you can be as flexible with your time as you want to be. But, the more you get involved with freelancing, you learn how to manage your time better, because you’re trying to earn more by doing multiple projects at the same time.

This requires you to learn discipline, and manage your time and focus appropriately. You’re not restricted to the usual 8-hour shift, yet you still have to think about your needs and your client’s needs and deadlines as well.

  1. You Start Networking Like a Pro

Networking becomes one of the essential parts of your freelancing career because you know you have to, in order to put your work and portfolio out there. When you’re a freelancer, projects don’t come by easily as they would with a regular 9 to 5 job, unless you’re already an established freelancer who has a great reputation and is frequently recommended by former clients.

In all other cases, you have to learn how to network and seek opportunities for yourself. You improve your networking skills, which usually involves improving the way you communicate with others, how you approach them and negotiate with them, which are all important skills to have if you’re working on getting the best out of your career.

  1. You Learn to Think Like an Entrepreneur

Working with different clients on various projects, and potentially for different industries forces you connect with many different business people. This means you’re going to connect with people who have different business tactics and strategies, and you get to learn from them. As you do your part of the job, you get to simultaneously learn through their demands and learn about how they build their brand and company.

Whether you’re planning to stay in freelancing for the rest of your life, or build a brand for yourself, you’re going to need strong business skills and knowledge, and there’s no easier way of gaining that knowledge but through learning from others.

  1. You Discover Your Passion

When working outside of your niche, or trying out different projects and skills, you get to learn a lot about yourself. You get to test out the waters and see what you are really good at. Whether it’s determining which industry you see yourself in, or what particular role you would like to play in that industry, you quickly see what you’re drawn to the most.

Knowing what you’re good at and what really get’s you motivated, is key to building a business in the future. It can mean the difference between doing what you are truly passionate about, or working for a paycheck. As a freelancer, you get to turn your passion into your paycheck.

  1. Your Attitude Improves

Sitting in a cubicle inside of an ordinary office space, usually means you don’t spend a lot of time trying to pitch your ideas to other people and communicate with potential clients. And the truth is, it get’s quite boring, so you end up feeling frustrated and demotivated. This can influence your attitude, mostly in a negative way. You forget how to stay positive, how to communicate and sell your ideas through being confident, polite and professional.

While as a freelancer, you get to change your attitude. As we mentioned above, you’re your own boss. Technically, you work for clients, but you play the main role in landing the projects. That’s why along the way you learn how to change your negative attitude to a positive one, otherwise you wouldn’t even get a chance to communicate with potential clients and pitch your ideas.

This is one of the essential skills for surviving and thriving in the freelancing world. Once you change your attitude towards people, you’ll see the doors to new opportunities opening to you, with minimal effort. This is definitely not something you’d accomplish sitting in a cubicle surrounded by stacks of paperwork.


The great Ernest Hemingway once said:“There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man; true nobility is being superior to your former self.” As you go further down the self-improvement road, thanks to your freelancing career, you’ll find yourself inspired to pursue dreams and goals you never thought you could and would, and that’s the greatest feeling of them all.


Coping With Living Alone

Starting a life on your own can be a stepping stone in your life. Nevertheless, this experience can sometimes fall really hard on people. Many people experience fear, insecurity, doubt and similar feelings when on their own for the first time. It is important to keep in mind that all of this is quite normal and that we all hurt sometimes. Getting thrown out of your comfort zone is certainly not a pleasant emotion, but we are here to help you cope with this transition. Sit back, relax and keep reading.








Love Yourself

Even though it might sound cliché, it is actually a very important part of coping. This does not necessarily mean forcing yourself to see every part of you as perfect, because none of us are perfect, and all of us have strengths and weaknesses. You should, however, learn to enjoy your own company. When you reach a point where you feel comfortable spending the evening alone, you will reach a new level of maturity. This is not an easy transition, especially if you are used to living with someone – your family, a roommate, a friend. We look for entertainment in social circles, validation for our enjoyment from others, and living alone – you are doomed to spend days in just your own company.







Just remember not to be like me last year, don’t spend a week without talking to a human being. Be like me this year, and organize pyjama and nailpolish parties for your adult friends – boys, girls and cupcakes! Organize even snazzier fancy parties just for yourself. Buy a toy crown and wear it around the house, you will literally feel the power of adulthood pour out of you, it’s great and you should totally do it.







You are given the opportunity to entertain at your own time, to the sound of your own drum. And no matter how switching to solitude (most of the time) can scare you, it is important to keep an open mind and learn to appreciate yourself more. It won’t be long before you decide one-person dance parties are preferable to a night of unbearable clubbing!


The next thing you need to learn is to value your freedom. It is really important to look at this as a positive change. At first, you might have a difficult time adjusting to an empty house and you might experience loneliness (word of advice, do not move into a large empty house by yourself. It is bad for your psyche, and it is bad for cleaning days. It is worst around Halloween). Shortly after, you will learn to value your freedom. This means that you will finally have the ability to do whatever pleases you without worrying if that will bother somebody else or if others will agree. This is a great opportunity to learn more about yourself. You will become the one and only owner of the remote control.




Perhaps one of the most valuable things that you will learn when you move into your new home is, of course, how it feels to be independent. Although this might come as a shock, overwhelming at times, you will learn to go with the flow and love it! Sure, paying bills, cooking for one, and doing your own laundry are just some of the things that you will need to learn in order to support yourself. Fortunately, nowadays, with internet and technology, even simple chores can be managed more easily. Taking care of yourself will never be a breeze, but millenials will prefer paying rents through apps. Cleaning up is a drag, but if you make like Freddy Mercury and make it a musical about your young-adult angst, you’ll do better. You know you’re an adult when your list of Youtube tutorials expands from contouring tutorials to plumbing hacks!

Adapting to new changes can be quite difficult for some people. Moving away to live on your own should serve as a great learning experience. You may have learned a lot about life up to this point, but a month of solitary habitation will truly make you a force to be reckoned with in the wild world outside. Learn to make the best of every situation and you will learn that moving away is probably one of the best things you’ve done for yourself. Just keep in mind that living on your own does not mean losing contact with all your loved ones – your friends and family will always be just a phone call away, and remember to make those calls!