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Tips to Improve Your Mental Wellbeing

 Mental pain is less dramatic than physical pain, but it is more common and also more hard to bear.”

C. S. Lewis


Feeling happy is just one part of mental wellbeing, not the whole. The whole encompasses feelings of contentment, enjoyment and engagement with the world. It also involves feelings of confidence and self-esteem.

In a sense, mental wellbeing is dependent on internal thought process as much as it’s on the external circumstances. It’s about living healthy, maintaining positive relationships and feeling empowered to do all what the heart wants.

Mental wellbeing does never mean not facing difficult situations and adverse feelings in life but it’s rather about coping them in a better and more positive manner. It’s about tiding over tough times with a smile and bringing joy to the self and the people around.


There are some tips to improve mental wellbeing, including:



Doing regular exercise is a good way to boost your mental wellbeing. Its advantages are two folds – it keeps you motivated and helps release a mood-enhancing substance (endorphins). So, exercising makes a great sense for its physical and physiological benefits alike. The best part, you can exercise and feel happy even without joining fitness classes.


Connect with people around you

Mental wellbeing is not possible unless you connected with the people around. So, be it friends or family members or pals from wider social circuits, you need to widen the horizon and forge meaningful relationships. This will make you feel secure and happy.


Find some activity to engage with

Being busy with some pursuit or other is often considered a great way to feeling happy and contended. You can go walking, cycling, playing some sports or just jogging around in the park. This keeps you away from accumulating stress and feeling depressed.


Open up and pour your heart out

It’s advisable not to hide more than what you can stomach. Hiding feelings and emotions for too long can upset the rhythm and balance of your life. More so, pretending to be OK when you’re not is a big NO. Show the real ‘YOU’ to the world.


Learn new skills

Feeling confident or feeling a sense of achievement is something which makes most of us happy. You can feel this way in many ways and the easiest of them all is by leaning some new skills. Try learning what you could not up until now and find some purpose in that.


Let positivity be a part of your life  

The more positive you feel, the more your mental wellbeing will improve. So, start hanging out with only positive people and let negatives get left behind. You can’t allow negative feelings to find a shelter around you, ever.


Have fun  

Having fun is akin to feeling happy. And feeling happy means having an improved mental wellbeing. So, adjust your busy schedule a bit and make sure to make fun a part of your life.



In overall, with little care and some tips, you can improve your mental wellbeing and lead a rewarding and enriching life.


How to help your introverted child make friends

For children, there is nothing better than playing, except playing with their friends and other children. Kids love spending time with other kids their age. However, not all children are as open or sociable as other, as a matter of fact, for some kids it is very hard to make friends because they are either shy or nervous. Kids that act differently than others can easily end up being the unpopular ones, without even doing anything wrong. It is up to the parents to help them through childhood, which is hard on its own. So what can parents do to help their child when it comes to making friends?

Sit down with your children

Everybody knows that it is really important to take the time to talk to you children. This should be done from an early age. Kids who are seen as introverts are not keen on talking and sharing thoughts. Being genuinely interested into what they have to say might make them open up to their parents more. This should not be forced in any way, if they are not open to the idea of talking with their parents don’t rush things, wait for another opportunity. Try pointing out that the way they act is not wrong in any way, but it would be really good for them to become more active and social.

How to help your introverted child make friends

Party time

Kids love parties, it can be a great way to meet new friends, get together with old ones and become a more social person. Throwing a party as a teenager can bring you a lot of popularity and skyrocket you on the social ladder. The same goes for kids of young age, they will be seen by their peers as popular. And what could be more popular than having your kid’s favorite superheroes coming to the party. You can arrange a visit from kids’ party entertainers that will make this party great. A well-organized party should make others forget that your kid isn’t very social and doesn’t like to talk. This could make other kids include your child into their activities and result in new friendships for your loved one.

Dealing with crises

Children learn how to behave through situations they encounter. Of course, kids will sometimes act badly. It is important to see your kid’s reaction in certain situations and correct their behavior if needed. Praising and scolding shouldn’t be overdone. If the children sometimes don’t get what they want they shouldn’t cry and scream in public. On the other hand, it might sometimes be beneficial for them to moderately brag and boast in front of other children. Simply use positive reinforcement when they act appropriately, or, in a normal voice explain if their behavior isn’t acceptable.

How to help your introverted child make friends

Group activities

Motivate your kids to become more active through some extracurricular activities. If your kid has an affinity for a certain sport, encourage them to try it out. Kids who play sports are always popular with their peers. This can be a great idea since they will have a common interest with other kids, they spend a lot of time together and eventually become friends. Same goes for other activities besides sport. Encourage them to try an instrument, learn a craft, and take up dancing if they are into it. This only gives your children more chance to become social.

It is not possible to implement all of this overnight. Have patience with your child and give them time to grow into a more sociable person. Simply give them support, be there for them and don’t try to force them into something they don’t like.

Ways to Encourage Your Childs’ Social Development

One of the most prominent issues every parent faces when enrolling their children into a preschool and school is that they will be unable to socially cope with their surroundings. Worst case scenario is that you might overprotect them to a degree where they will be inexperienced to behave within socially expected norms. Nevertheless, try not to force your child to be a perfect description of what socially developed is, as it could prove to be too difficult at times.


Focus On Positive Reinforcement

Children learn by example and if you do not become a good figure to look up to, then they will be insecure on how to behave. Be sure to try and be positive whenever possible and to always give positive feedback to reinforce when proving a point. Avoid yelling and raising your voice as it might be scary and you could cause deeper problems within your child. Instead, always try to talk it over with reason because your kid is capable of understanding what is going on.

Fight Social Anxiety

Being shy and an introvert could be problematic to most children as they will be labelled as a social outcast and it might be difficult for them to grasp how to become sociable. Moreover, in most cases it could be the root for causing social phobia and feeling anxious in stressful situations. If left untreated, your kid could have problems later on as they will be having a hard time fitting into society. Anxiety should be approached with care because in most cases helping could result in the child introverting even more.

Seek the Help of Professionals

More often than not, parents will have a problem detecting that there is something wrong with their child, and without noticing it on time, your kid could suffer greatly. However, if you enrol your child into an early learning centre the staff and professionals will be able to help your kid out by teaching them how to approach social skills. Furthermore, the environment and the constant care will be such that it will help every child overcome their fears and insecurities without any major issues. You have to teach your kid that it will take some time and that with time their social skills will be developed.

Working on Various Levels

Do not only focus on social development to expect your kid to know how to react and behave in society, but, to also know how to cope with empathy, and how to communicate with the world around them. While it is good idea to let your kid spend time with peers, it will not often be the best of methods. Try to spend time together as a family as it will strengthen bonds and ensure that you can give them enough courage to become socially adept handling any kind of situation. Moreover, try to teach them that it is acceptable to make a mistake here and there and that it will not be the end of the world.

Have Fun With Them

In order to create a specific bond with your kid, and to be able to understand them, you will have to focus on having fun together. Not only is it better as you will be able to teach them new skills and help overcome certain difficulties, but, it will be a great chance to meet new friends as well. Nevertheless, throwing a sports party can be a good idea if you want your child to communicate more, and to find new friends. Remember to choose a sport your kid likes, otherwise they might not have fun at all.

Do not try to assume if your kid is developing social skills accordingly as you might end up with a wrong diagnosis that could worsen the situation. Instead, go for the opinion of the professionals who will be able to tell you exactly what you need to do and how to help from then on. Overprotecting your child will only result in shutting them off even more and helping them nurture their anxiety. Try to overcome the difficulties together and always ask your child if there is anything you could do to help.


Meditation Plus Running as a Treatment for Depression

What is more beneficial, meditation or running? What would you prefer doing if both delivered health benefits although in different ways?

Well, to start, you should know that meditation before running brings more benefits to mental health than doing either of them separately. It’s also proven how, when done together, they can help those facing depression.

As we know, depression is caused when one fails to rise beyond the past or past unhappy memories. Hence, by combining both of these exercises can help you in many ways. After all, meditation is known as a powerful force since ages ago as it helps in reduction of stress levels and clearing the mind.

We also know that running is a great form of exercise that lifts the mood and enables a surge of positive emotions. We can clearly see how both of these are effective ways to having a positive impact on mental health. Similarly, both of these are emotionally beneficial activities with great benefits to fight against depression.

Keeping the benefits of meditation and running in mind, a team of researchers at Rutgers University in New Brunswick, N.J., tried to see the results appearing from their collaboration or synergy. It means, the collective impact of an aerobic exercise and mediation was gauged to come to a conclusion. And the result is something that creates a great hope for those dealing with depression.


Here are some key points from the new study, published last month in Translational Psychiatry:

  • The study proved that the synergy helps individuals alleviate depressive thoughts and feelings over time.
  • The study confirmed that meditation before running is more beneficial than doing these activities alone.
  • The participants experienced a diminishing inclination to ruminate over bad memories, which is a major case of depression.
  • The collaboration brought positive results to even those practitioners who are not inflicted with depression of any level.
  • The growth of new brain cells or neurons was reported among participants, which is often prevented during depression.

The study was conducted on a total of 52 men and women, and out of them, 22 were diagnosed with depression. It was a short study which lasted for 8 weeks in total and the researchers also did not follow up with the study to gauge whether the mood improvement lingered on or not.

During the study, synergistic effects were delivered on the brains of participants. It was found that the mood gets better and the intensity of depression gets lower in a gradual manner. It was also found that participants showed an increased level of concentration and attention span.



It’s obvious how mediation and running can combine to help people with depression. The study was, however, small but ended up peeking into an area we could not till now. In a way, it is surely an interesting study whose findings bring some hope to those facing depression for long.


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Health Benefits of Yoga

Yoga is an ancient practice of gaining holistic health. It’s a renowned method of seeking wellbeing, as it’s been practiced for ages to boost mind, body and soul. In a sense, it’s something that brings physical benefits and mental stimulation together.

Yoga is for those who need quick gratification and everlasting transformation. It’s also for those who want rejuvenation to the body. And above all, it’s for those who need health benefits.

Yoga gives both short term and long term health benefits, and its practitioners lead more peaceful and contended life than the rest. If you’re a follower of this age-old practice of seeking health and mental benefits, you then must be enjoying a life and its essences.

Yoga benefits are proven by umpteen researches across the world, and this is a major reason of its global popularity. Its ability to deliver total health is something that makes it a choice of so many people in the world.

Yoga brings a whole range of health benefits, including:


Boost to flexibility

Doing yoga regularly gives a boost to your level of bodily flexibility. You feel more supple and lithe, and you feel more elastic. It makes the body more agile and you become able to do even those things not possible earlier. With your muscles, bones and tissue loosening up a bit, you have every reason to feel active and capable.


Strength to muscle  

Doing yoga regularly gives strength to your muscles. And once the muscles are strong, it keeps you away from many health problems including pain and arthritis. A body with vigorous muscles looks toned and chiselled and its possessors have every reason to flaunt it to the world.


Get your posture right

Not having proper posture leads to a variety of health problems including pain to different body parts. When the posture is not correct, you are likely to feel fatigued more often, and pain becomes a recurring part in the neck, back and joints. With yoga exercises, your posture becomes perfect and health problems are kept at bay.


Your blood flow increases

Doing yoga regularly means getting more oxygen to your cells. With more oxygen, individuals feel more flow of energy and vigour. When the blood circulation increases in the body, you feel more refreshed and energetic. This avoid a lot of health problems and you lead a contented life.


Your immunity is boosted

One of biggest benefits of yoga is its bringing a well-desired boost to immunity. It helps lymph fluid to circulate more freely in the body. And when lymph is active, your body keeps toxins out. And once the toxins are out, diseases never reach the body and you lead a healthy life.


Calms the mind

Yoga is known to bring mental calmness. It helps keep clutters out of the body. More so, it helps individuals fight stress-related problems with ease. It makes one ready to face depression better and keep anxiety-laden issues at bay. And when all these benefits reach the body, the mind has every reason to feel calm and relaxed.


Holistic health & happiness 

Yoga practitioners experience greater level of happiness than the rest. It’s been scientifically proven that yoga boosts the immune system, helps nervous system, assists in cardiovascular health and keeps joints and bones strong. And with all such benefits, happiness becomes a natural progression.



It’s obvious that yoga benefits at various levels, and it’s also clear why its popularity is rising worldwide. For you, it’d be a great experience if you start practicing this ancient form and keep happiness nearby. Let diseases maintain a distance with you and you feel good, peaceful and relaxed at all times.


Let jumping exercises bring you big doses of fun and health benefits together

Yes, you heard it right! Jumping exercises bring a whole range of health benefits. So, it should be an integral part of your fitness routine for many reasons, including:

• It’s one of the best exercises
• Extremely simple to do
• Makes your exercises a lot more fun
• A great way to keep yourself fit

So what if you did not know earlier? You can start today itself and gain what you could not till now. Once your workouts include jumps, you stand to gain a lot on physical fitness front.

Besides, such exercises are a great way to inject some cheerfulness to those monotonous-turning regimented-workouts. It means, you can start jumping the moment your exercises turn monotonous!


So, it looks as if nothing brings as much flexibility and as many benefits as this simple exercises does. With so much to gain from jumping, make sure it got added to your routine.

Jump In 2

Jumping exercises benefit you on many fronts, including:

Cardiovascular Benefits
Your heart muscle strengthens and becomes healthy when you do regular jumps. More so, jumping exercises keep your heart pumping and also boost oxygen intake to the body. This results in the increased ability of the body in the area of oxygen absorption and consumption. More energy is thus produced out of those oxygen intake leading to superior functionality of different systems in the body.

Toning of legs
No exercise helps tone the legs as effectively and quickly as does jumping. The best part is, it employs all the muscles of the lower body. With that, the legs are bound to show improvement in a quick way. Besides, the bones too benefit in the process.

Toning of the body
Nothing helps tone the body as much as jumping does. And no other exercise can sculpt your business as effectively as it does. Together with leg muscles, it also involves abdominal muscles to deliver better balance to the body. Many other muscles too are utilized and in fact, nothing utilizes as much or as many muscles as jumping does.

Calorie burning
Do a 10-minute jumps daily and shed off over 100 calories! Yes, jumping is that much effective and impactful. It means, this exercise ensures that calories are never a problem to you, ever. And the best part is, people love jumping and never regard it a form of exercise. So, you will surely do it more frequently.

Benefits to nervous and lymphatic systems
Jumping helps one to stay free of depression and stress-related problems. It basically stabilizes the nervous system and induces release of serotonin. Similarly, the more you jump regularly, the more benefits reached to the lymph of the body to ultimately boost the immunity system.

Boost to metabolism and digestion
With jumping exercises, one can lower the level of cholesterol and triglyceride in the body. The metabolism is stimulated and chances of obesity are cut down a great deal. Apart from improving sleep quality, it also helps better digestion, relaxation and elimination process.

Pain and fatigue relief
Jumping brings relief from a variety of pains, including neck, back, headache etc. Together with boosting bone density, it also helps prevent arthritis. You won’t feel any bouts of fatigue with regular jumping, and your abdominal issues are treated with ease. It also keeps you away from those untimely colds and allergies-related issues.

It’s clear that jumping brings a lot of health benefits and helps you stay fit and fine. It does not take much of an effort and simplicity is its hallmark. With so much benefits to gain, there is no reason you should miss out on its virtues. Go and jump to gain a lot!


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The Benefits of Having an Athletic Significant Other

Relationships are such a wonderfully weird connection between two people. If you were to explain them in exact terms, you’d probably fail. And while the first words that come to mind are love, lust, commitment, soul-mates, and what not – the whole craze is so much more than that. Actually, relationships are that one obsession in our lives we always have trouble defining. And why? Simply because their immensity is bigger than any mold.  And that’s cute.

Two people spending a lot of time together will ultimately start rubbing their personal habits, styles, likes and dislikes off of each other, no doubt. Sometimes, this goes to the extreme where you both show up for your date night wearing the same denim shirt.  Other times, it all gets super cool – you start learning from each other and consequently get an intellectual, psychological, emotional and mental upgrade you didn’t even know you’d needed!
In addition, it is not uncommon for partners’ life habits to start mirroring each others’  – if you are dating an athlete, you’ll probably get hooked on working out; if you are dating a coach potato, you’ll probably end up 10 pounds heavier (at least!). Ahhh, love!

I was just talking to a friend the other day and she told me, and I quote “I am now dating this basketball player and it’s so amazing. I got hooked on working out. It’s like… other people go on dates – us? We go for a run!” I thought this was adorable! It honestly inspired me to think about beauties of partnership and list some of the perks that come from a relationship with a sporty guy!

Here we go:

  1. You get fitter

For most women, some extra weight in the hip, thigh or stomach area may pose as a real confidence buster. Having a boyfriend who is into sports will motivate you to stay in shape and work out with commitment! The good news? He fell in love with you even with the extra few pounds, so turn those workouts into fun sessions rather than ways to please your bae!

  1. The sex is awesome

Well, there’s no point in staying quiet on the matter when we are all thinking it! Guys who work out regularly are not only in amazing shape but they last longer in bed! Plus, they are more bendy and willing to try out new stuff. Just saying!

  1. You are genuinely happier

Sports is known to help stimulate serotonin and endorphin secretion; these substances are called neurotransmitters and they have a direct influence on your feelings of happiness or sadness. People who work out regularly are generally more happy, optimistic, enterprising and more loving in their relationships than pairs who don’t work out. These positive feelings are even stronger if you are working out with someone you are in love with!

  1. You have a personal trainer for free

It’s true! If your boyfriend is a sports fan he then probably knows all sorts of things to do to get leaner. Consult him for anything related to your workout and chances are he’ll be over the moon the help out. After all – this is his two favorite fields of interest merged in one big adventure – you and sports! An added bonus? You won’t have to pay for it!


Kate Flannery is an athletic Perthie with a boat. She likes the Mediterranean Sea, gourmet cuisines, and keeping up with NFL rumors and facts with her dude squad. She is a member of the HighStyleLife crew, and a dog person.

8 Irresistible Healthy Foods You Can Add to Your Diet Plan

Are you having a difficult time resisting some of the best foods out there as you pursue the diet plan that you have set? Who knows? Some of your favorite foods may just be included on your list and still be able to achieve your ideal body figure or maintain your health. So, take a good look at this list and see whether your favorite food is included.

Green Tea

Wishing to get rid of your excess fluids? Getting tired of always feeling bloated? Well, adding green tea should definitely be a revision to the diet plan that you have always been used to. Also, green tea also makes your metabolism faster, helping you lose excess fat easier.


Offering protein and vitamin E, almonds will not only make your skin look better, but will also suppress your hunger with its high fiber content. Even if it has a high calorie content, studies reveal that you still wouldn’t have belly fat as you consume this.


Just like other tropical fruits, adding this sweet and succulent fruit to your diet can ease that annoying feeling of being bloated and have your stomach settled. Also, it can prevent you from experiencing heartburn. Craving for sweets can also be minimized as it contains fructose.


This may be a bit difficult to believe, but oats can be a great help for people trying to lose weight. Eating this as your breakfast can give you natural energy. Oats can definitely keep you from getting hungry for a long period of time and may even help you in cutting your consumption of foods high in cholesterol.

Banana Bread

You can never go wrong when eating banana bread, which are very tasty and easy to make, and bananas, in general, as they can help you lose weight. They also give your body zinc for your skin to be healed, energy and fiber that can make you feel full for a long time. It also contains high potassium levels for water retention.


Melon contains high levels of potassium. This is how you can treat it as an alternative which has low levels of calories and high levels of antioxidants which helps in removing excess body fluids.

BBQ Turkey Burgers

You don’t believe it? Yes, BBQ Turkey Burger is a great lean protein source, which makes you feel fuller for a longer time. It also contains amino acids for muscle development.

Cranberry Juice

Containing high anti-oxidizing vitamin C levels, excess body fluids can easily be eliminated through excretion by drinking cranberry juice. Just make sure that what you are drinking is sugar-free and is not the cranberry juice cocktail – the one which contributes greatly in weight gain.

So, did you find your favorite foods in this list? Were you surprised that you still get the chance to eat it while following your diet plan? Know which among your favorite foods can be retained in your diet and make your weight loss journey more enjoyable and less of a torture.

Resolving Anxiety For Good

“ I have learned over the years that when one’s mind is made up, this diminishes fear; knowing what must be done does away with fear”. Rosa Parks

How it all started for me

It was in the 2003, I believe, that I realized the beginning of a problem I had. You see, growing up, I never liked heights places or spaces including buildings and high mountains. I also had some other anxieties but as I grew older, I outgrew or overcame most of them. Some of them however remained quite solid, waiting for the appropriate time for expression. For me, that time came after good friend of mine was involved in a near fatal accident that left him paraplegic.

After this event, I began to question my own abilities on the road even though I was a very good and careful driver. A thought here, a thought there and slowly, my driving scope became smaller and smaller because of fear and dread of the road. At it’s peak, I was completely off the highway. It seemed as though the fear and anxiety had grown into this monstrosity. But, I did manage to get myself back on the highway again and did well. However 6 years later, I was back to square one! What happened? I thought I had overcome my anxiety issues but apparently not. And this time, it seemed much worse than the first time.

Enough is enough

As I began, again my journey to recovery, I was so determined that this was it. Enough is enough. I was tired of being anxious, tired of driving anxious, tired of it controlling my life. I was going to deal with this problem at the root. Fear and panic were not going to define me. And fear and panic were not returning back to me again.

Dealing with anxiety at the root.

Here are lessons I learned on resolving anxiety for good:

Most negative emotions tend to start with the thinking process. In anxiety and fear, there is what is called catastrophic thinking or ‘what if’ thinking that builds on itself and escalates until your thinking spirals out of control. So recognize when this is beginning to happen and challenge your thoughts and replace them with more adaptive thought processes.

Address phobias in your kids. Many adults are tormented by fears that stem from childhood experiences so its important to recognize these fears and anxieties in your kids and defuse them or get the appropriate help.

The body often follows the mind. A common incident that brings this to light is what happens when we have a vivid dream. The body reacts as it would in real life. So if the mind is in turmoil or distress, it begins to affect the body and health. Don’t let your stress or anxiety become chronic. Protect your health.

It is so important to fully resolve your issues. Why? Because anything not fully resolved stands the chance of a relapse and sometimes comes back worse. In my case, I felt I had not fully resolved my driving fears the first time and did not address them as soon as they started to reappear – leaving room for recurrence the second time. Recognize when your symptoms start to rise up again and immediately address them before they become full blown and out of control.

Face your fears. Avoidance is the worst thing you can do to yourself because it empowers the negative emotion. Yes, it is uncomfortable to face them but you gain so much strength by taking the first step against fear. The first time I got back on the highway, I honestly thought I’d pass out. I wanted to park my car on the side of the road in defeat but I kept going, very slowly and despite the discomfort. Sure enough, little by little, my comfort level on the road increased. Don’t quit. Stick with the process and watch your anxiety back down.

I recognized that if I was going to ever come out of this, I needed to take drastic measures at the root level. So after staying off the highways for a few years, I am back to driving on the highway again. Though still a work in progress but a whole lot better. I am not limited in my driving. I am not consumed with fear or dread when I think of getting on the highway. I get to places faster now and there is nothing like the feeling of freedom again.

Make Time for Relaxation: Simple Solutions to Relieve Stress and Anxiety

Glancing at your datebook, you notice that every calendar day is marked with an engagement, meeting, activity or routine. You have numerous deadlines and not enough hours in the day to get to everything.

From the minute you wake up to the minute you fall asleep, you dream of finances. Nothing seems to be working. You’ve noticed some issues in your relationships. No matter how hard you try, you’re simply stuck.

We all have a similar story; something that nags on us at all hours of day and tires us out. Stress, anxiety and pressure are constantly grating on our minds and bodies, hindering us from relaxing. Sometimes, all it takes is a little respite; a minute to unwind, rejuvenate and reflect. Given our busy lifestyles in this generation of multi-tasking, it’s important to take some time to relax and focus on your own well-being.

Below are ways to fit in a bit of relaxation without having to worry about cramming your already tight schedule. You’d be surprised; often, a little can go a long way to keep your sanity intact.

Food for Thought

Crave Some Chocolate

Chocolate is wonderfully beneficial when it comes to dealing with anxiety. Approximately 1.4 ounces of the good stuff can actually calm your nerves and put you back in a good place. Make sure it’s dark chocolate that you’re nibbling on, as it regulates your metabolism and the stress-control hormone cortisol.

Mango Mini-Vacation

It doesn’t hurt that this fruit is bursting with tropical flavor that sends your taste buds on a one-way trip to a remote island. What makes mango even better is that it contains linalool, a great compound to lower stress levels. It’s no wonder our thoughts quickly change from dingy desk to cool cabana when we take that first sweet bite.

Gather Yourself with Green Tea

Green tea is a health powerhouse. This special drink has the power to release anger with its excellent source of L-Theanine. Whether made hot from a pouch or comes cold in a bottle, you can enjoy each sip and unwind. Instead of seeing red, think green; just like a traffic light, think about becoming proactive, not reactive. Add a bit of honey to reduce inflammation of the brain, thus releasing anxiety and depression.

Harness Your Inner Self

Just Breathe

When things become very hectic, try to count to ten or take deep breaths. This will help you center yourself and bring your heart rate down. It may help to put your head down for a second or lean back in your chair to find some relief and release some tension.

Escape for a Minute

Close your eyes and picture your body with nothing else around you. Visualize what stress may look like on your body. Then, start from the top of your head and picture the stress escaping out of your body, leaving your fingertips and escaping your toes. This practice can actually relax your mind and body, ultimately helping you to refocus and gain perspective.

Let Go

Grab a stress ball or hold on to your chair. Tighten your grip and tense every part of your body. Then, release all of it, sending your stress away along with your release. Your body and mind will let go and this physical reminder can assist you as a good coping mechanism.

Discover Alone Time

Leave the Room

Sometimes the situation or thing that stresses you out the most is right in the room with you. Take the opportunity to go grab a drink, walk around the hall or find a quiet space for a moment. Getting physically away from the situation can help you deescalate from your heightened stress. You can come back to it when you are ready to tackle the issue and handle it with a new, refreshed perspective.


Straightening up your work space or desk or home can help you gain control over your stress and anxiety. These small acts of control and assertiveness can boost your confidence and reenergize you to tackle an upcoming situation. There are even professional companies, like Maxwell Systems, that can do the organizing for you when it comes to accounting and project management. The goal is to find sanity and solace in keeping things manageable and in your control.

Get Some Fresh Air

Breathing in fresh air is always rejuvenating. You can experience life outside of walls and release from feeling pressured and constrained. Take a brisk walk or take deep breaths. Find something to focus on and reflect on what amazing things are happening in the natural world. Discover a bird and follow their flight pattern. Observe a squirrel and their problem solving. This is a great way to gain perspective and take a moment for you.

Inspire and Create

Write It Out

Letting your thoughts escape onto paper can help you release stress from your mind and expel it somewhere else. Often times if you’re feeling emotional or angry, you can take things out on paper instead of yourself or others. This way, you can approach situations or people in a calm and collected manner.

Dance and Sing Your Heart Out

Find joy in freeing your body and mind. Put on your favorite song and sing on the commute to work or in the comfort of your own home. You could even tap your feet and hum at work if it doesn’t distract others. This small or large gesture can have you releasing all kinds of endorphins. Exercising is another great way to focus on yourself and channel your well-being.

Live, Laugh, Love

At the end of the day, appreciate life and don’t take anything for granted. Even though stress and anxiety feel like giant weights on our mind and body, don’t ever let it defeat you. Find the time, if even for five minutes, to practice these strategies to reduce stress. Laughing with a good friend or hugging a beloved pet can help you find energy, strength and happiness to conquer the day.