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Best Universities for Business Degrees 2018

Whether or not you are planning to be the next Michael Bloomberg, George Soros or any other successful business magnate, a business degree is a good way to acquire many skills necessary in the business environment. It can also be the first step into a wide range of vocations. However, while many universities offer business academic units, not all of them offer the same quality of education and the same career prospects. If you want to get a business degree, you might as well acquire it at one of the most renowned universities around the globe. Here are the ones that dominate the current rankings.

Best Universities for Business Degrees 2018

Harvard University

Harvard University is currently number one in the business and management ranking, and there are many good reasons for it. The school offers a full time MBA program, HBX, doctoral programs and several executive education programs. It was established in the distant year of 1908, and it owns Harvard Business Publishing which publishes leadership articles, books, case studies and a monthly edition of Harvard Business Review. This prestigious school could be your way to various profitable jobs in consulting, financing, logistics, general management, marketing and other fields. To enroll, you need to have a strong record of academic performance and exemplary GMAT or GRE test scores.

Best Universities for Business Degrees 2018

Stanford University

Ranked fourth on the global business and management list and second in the United States, Stanford University has one of the most appreciated business schools worldwide. It also has a very low acceptance rate (below 7%), which speaks a lot about how careful they are about choosing their candidates. If you are wondering how to get into Stanford University, you should know that the most promising candidates have to show intellectual vitality, leadership potential and personal qualities. Depending on the program you choose, you will need to fill out an application and send letters of reference. The rest of the application materials include essays, GMAT & GRE, and information about education and professional experience.

Best Universities for Business Degrees 2018

London Business School

The London Business School is consistently ranked in the world’s top five business schools on account of its reputation, program and results. It offers fantastic MBA, as well as PhD programs. There are even some short courses for executives. The motto of the school is “To have a profound impact on the way the world does business”, and so far LBS is meeting the challenge. The recruitment process for this institution consists of two steps: first, sending the application, and then and examination in front of a selection committee. If the high criteria of the school is met, you will be invited for an interview.

Best Universities for Business Degrees 2018


One of the world’s leading and biggest graduate business schools, INSEAD (Institut Européen d’Administration des Affaires) has headquarters in France, but campuses in Asia and the Middle East. It offers full-time MBA program, executive MBA program, PhD in management, Master in Finance program and other executive programs. The four most important criteria for application are academic capacity, leadership potential, ability to contribute and internal motivation. Adaptability in multicultural environments is very significant for admission to INSEAD too. The academic background of the candidates is not only viewed through results, but also through the competitiveness of the attended institution.

Best Universities for Business Degrees 2018

University of Cambridge

With many centuries of existence (since 1209), the University of Cambridge has a rich history and it is highly regarded worldwide. Cambridge’s business school was the biggest climber in the global top 10 MBA rankings, rising five places to fifth. To get into this high-status school, you need to have excellent previous academic achievement, be highly motivated and confident, have an interesting and varied life independently of work, and have some international experience through your work. After a completed application form, sent alongside other documents and references, you can be shortlisted for an interview and get an offer from the Admissions Committee.

Other great universities for getting a business degree include the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), the University of Pennsylvania, the University of Oxford, the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) and the University of California, Berkley (UCB). Consider applying for more than one university in case you don’t get accepted to your dream school.

Ways to Be Energy Efficient and How Does It Influence My Health

In today’s world, things have become pretty simple and when it comes to work, it is all about doing more with less energy spent. The same thing works for your home: if you are energy efficient and save a lot of energy every day, you will save a lot of money and have extra to work around with. There are numerous benefits of saving energy, and listed below are the top reasons why everyone should preserve the energy around them. By improving your home, you will upgrade your life. Let’s get into details.

Ways to Be Energy Efficient and How Does it Influence my Health

Lower bills – higher income

If you are able to upgrade your home and kitchen appliances, even though you end up spending money, you will earn more in the process. A new and eco-friendly air conditioning system does cost $200-300 more, but it uses way less energy to keep your household at a pleasant temperature. It is the same thing when it comes to washing clothes: best washing machines are a bit more expensive, but tend to save a lot of energy in the process. All that energy reflects at your bills; less energy used means less bills to pay, meaning that you end up with more money to spend on something else. You don’t have to increase your paycheck to increase your income. By paying less for your bills, you end up with more money to spend on something else.

Ways to Be Energy Efficient and How Does it Influence my Health

Create a more comfortable environment

There is nothing wrong in investing in your own home. It is a place where you can always find peace and safety. But there is always more you can do: upgrades and home improvements are always possible as long as you have time and resources to invest. For starters, you can weatherproof your windows by double-glazing them; add installations to your walls and floor and reduce the heat and noise pollution. In the process, you end up saving more energy and preserve your environment. Your home becomes a better place for living, and your wallet stays thick. You can find here more about how to increase property value.

Ways to Be Energy Efficient and How Does it Influence my Health

Improve your lifestyle

I don’t know if you are aware of it, but energy efficiency does improve the quality of your life. It all starts with the comfort within your home, and spreads onward on more important things such as productivity and accessibility. For instance, by improving the air quality within your home, you improve your health and brain functions. You get better results at work, and your entire creative process gets affected. At the same time, you avoid potential respiratory problems and diseases that are the result of bad and stale air. If you have children, you should prioritize their health above everything else and work on creating a healthier environment for them to live in.

Ways to Be Energy Efficient and How Does it Influence my Health

Save the planet

Energy is constantly being produced, but its production requires natural resources. Trees are being cut on a daily basis which poses a great problem when it comes to air pollution. Gases are released by factories and cars, and all these gases create smog and other potentially deadly masses. Some countries are already struggling with these issues; China is currently the most air-polluted country. By creating an eco-friendly environment, you reduce pollution to a minimum and do your share for the society and the planet we live on. Aim to leave a better place for your children, for life does not stop with you. This should be your number one reason for becoming energy efficient.

Energy is something people take for granted. If only everyone knew how important it is to work on preserving it, every home would become “green”. Keep your life healthier and improve it by adding energy efficient appliances and upgrades. After all, it is the quality of life that matters.

Teaching Our Children to Give and to be Caring

Children, bless their little hearts, have the ability to be perfectly sweet angels; or tiny, screaming devils, depending on their mood. They are rarely malicious, but they are young and sometimes don’t understand whether things are good or bad unless we teach them. They are like sponges and will soak up any information you tell them. They will learn even when you’re not looking, so it’s important to place your child in an environment that will nurture their natural compassion. There are a few steps that you can take to ensure your kid understands the wonderful power of giving and being caring and kind.

Lead by example

Humans, by nature, can be a little contradictory. We are selfish because we need to survive, but we are also social creatures and most of us want to help those around us. The selfish impulse is pretty useful if you and your kid are chased by wolves on a daily basis, but since we doubt that’s the case, you may wish to turn the focus on their natural compassion.

Of all the parenting problems, perhaps the most challenging one is how to make sure your child turns into a good person. How do we find that fine balance that will teach them to care for their own needs, but not become self-obsessed? How do we show them to be kind and helpful without becoming pushovers? We do that by starting early and setting up an example. Our children adore us, and while they’re young they think we’re practically the best thing the world invented right after ice cream. So, apply to volunteer with your child and help them learn by observing how you treat other people. Let them see the happiness on someone’s face after they receive help. Let your child learn that other people have problems and that things can be done to resolve them. Volunteering is a great way for your kid to understand that other people are separate beings with their own wants and needs, and that if we give a little, we can help a lot.

Proper surroundings

We can’t shield our children from external circumstances and outside sources forever, nor should we. A much better thing to do is teach them how to deal with things, and make sure they have a healthy environment to live in. Children education is important and it should start fairly early. Finding good child care centres like the ones in Brisbane is just as important as finding a good elementary school. Your child will gain some friends and they will slowly start learning how to work well with others. From sharing their lunch with a classmate to preparing gifts for someone’s birthday party, children will grow close to a friend and learn that once you love someone, you will want to give your best to make them happy.

Set up some ground rules

Children will make mistakes, and it’s important to let them know when that happens. It’s understandable that you want to spare them the pain and embarrassment, but sometimes a child will be selfish or even mean to another kid. You have to show them that what they did was wrong, without making them feel like you aren’t on their side. Learning how to deal with and fix their own mistakes is essential. You must always talk to your child. Don’t be condescending or dismissive if they come to you with a worry, no matter how silly it sounds. And if they do something bad, then sit them down and explain why that was wrong, and what they can do to make the situation better.

Reward your child when they do well, when you see them being sweet to someone, but not with candy or toys. They’ll start doing it just to get more things from you. A compliment is more than enough to show them that you approve of their good behaviour and that you want them to continue doing it.

Most children really want to be good and to please their parents. The desire to help others is there, you just have to help them draw it out and direct it properly. Teach them that giving doesn’t have to be about money and material things, sometimes it can mean just giving your time and your love to a person in need

The Importance of Shiny Home When You Have Kids

You’ve probably heard people claiming that trying to clean your house when you have small children is like “brushing your teeth while eating” or “shoveling snow while it’s still snowing”, but the fact is – you can’t just give up and live in chaos until your kids grow up. There are, however, a few sneaky tricks for having a clean home even when your toddlers start to discover their artistic side or your baby likes throwing food more than eating it. Here are some of them.

Shiny Home When You Have Kids

Less is more

Being a parent requires a lot of planning in advance, and always being one step ahead, and it applies to cleaning as well. It’s normal you want your kids to have all the toys in the world but, in this case, less is really more. Go minimalistic and buy your kids a few essentials or rotate toys daily or weekly (keep the rest in the basement or in a closet). Not only will it do good for your child’s development, it will also save you from being swamped by a pile of toys or, worse – stepping on a Lego in the middle of the night. Bonus tip: instead of trying to have a place for every toy, invest in one of those toy boxes and keep everything in one place. That way, even the youngest child can learn where their toys “live”.

Shiny Home When You Have Kids

Think practical home décor

As for furniture, try to refrain yourself from furnishing your home with expensive things until your kids grow up a little. It can be a real waste of money and an extra source of stress. That’s something you don’t really need so opt for durable but affordable stuff instead, such as cheap rugs, cabinets, etc. Darker colors and shades are easier to maintain, so go with those instead of pastels and other bright tones. Consider covering the lower half of your walls with wallpapers and don’t worry about your kids leaving their fingerprints all over the house.

Shiny Home When You Have Kids

Make it a daily routine

Incorporating cleaning into a daily routine sounds like a real nightmare, but it’s essential if you want your home to stay tidy every day. That doesn’t mean you should do a spring cleaning every day – a quick sweep will be enough. Put all the toys in the boxes, do laundry, and wipe off the dust from visible places. It also helps if you clean as you go. Some parents decide to do it when the kids are asleep, but that way you might fall into the trap of making your kids believe that some magic fairy cleans your home. They should see you clean because that way they’ll learn to appreciate it – and you – more.

Shiny Home When You Have Kids

Turn it into a game

When your kids see you clean, you’ll have no trouble explaining to them that they should clean, too. Of course, you can’t expect a toddler to clean the bathroom, but kids can do a lot more than you might think. Choose the age-appropriate chore, show them how to do it, and watch them turn into little helpers. If they don’t want to do it just because you ask them, try turning it into a game. For example, tell your kids to pick up everything blue or anything they could wear, eat with, etc. Tell them it’s a race and have them do it faster than you. Not only will they help you, but they will also learn colours and other skills along the way. Don’t forget to award them properly afterwards – think extra playtime or cartoons. Avoid giving them too much sugar since it can make them hyperactive and then your cleanup will be futile.

In the end, try revisiting your definition of tidy and come to terms that there will always be some mess around. A clean home means nothing if the kids are bored. Think of it this way: it’s not chaos; it’s the kids making memories. So, encourage them to be creative and active, but make them responsible household members as well. With a good system and a little planning, your home will become shiny in no time.

Money-Making Tips when Investing in Properties

Even though real estate sounds like a risky business, it can be very profitable, especially when you know what you are doing. Most people quit in the very beginning and never get to the “money” part. If you don’t want to become another bad example, here are a few simple tips and tricks to help you make money while investing in properties.

Money-Making Tips when Investing in Properties

Cruel landlord

The first and very basic technique most people in the business are aware of is becoming a cruel landlord. What this means is next: purchase a property and find a tenant who will pay you monthly. Since you will be in charge of paying mortgage, taxes and other maintenance costs, you can try and set a rent that will cover all of them. In fact, some people manage to even make profit out of it and cover all of the expenses. This process keeps on going like this until your mortgage has been paid off. From that moment on, anything you earn will become pure profit.

Join an investment group

If you are too tired of looking for a tenant and organizing everything, consider joining an investment group. There are hundreds of them for one reason: the money is good, and they will definitely make profit out of it. The question is – will you? The company will build the apartments and allow the investors (you and other people looking for a business opportunity) to buy them. Then, the company will find the tenants and cover all the monthly maintenance expenses, while taking a small and agreed percentage of every monthly rent. This way, everyone wins and you get to keep the place after the mortgage has been paid off.

Money-Making Tips when Investing in Properties


The most important thing in real estate business is doing a market research. If the market has a high demand for houses or apartments, you should invest in it presently only if you see the price go up in the next couple of years. After those couple of years, sell the real estate for a higher amount of money, pay off the mortgage and take the remaining money to the bank and ask for a new mortgage, this time a bigger one. Buy a more expensive house, wait a few years for the price to increase, sell it again and repeat the process. If done within a proper market, it can bring fortune to those brave enough to try it. If you are looking to get into it and have no idea where to start, consider professional accounting services to avoid all the potential risks and understand the tax system.

Flip it up!

The last technique is called flipping properties, and it is basically the one that a lot of people go for. If you manage to buy a house, renovate it and sell it for a higher price, you gain pure profit. This is the main purpose of flipping properties – the chance of gaining gigantic profits. Purchasing a house for $300,000, investing $50,000 to a $100,000 in its restoration and renewal only pays off if you sell the house for $500,000 or more. And this is exactly what most people do, and it works. Those who have that much money to spend on a house probably don’t have the time needed to invest in its restoration, and this is where you come in, for you have all the time in the world. Learning how to flit properties can make you a millionaire in no time.

Money-Making Tips when Investing in Properties

People will always need a place to live, and properties will keep being built. These are the simple techniques that can make you rich in no time, but only if you take them seriously and commit to them.  If you don’t seize your opportunity, someone else will. Invest, but be smart and do your research prior to investing.

Women and Clothing at Work

Following a particular dress code can get pretty tricky, no matter if you’re talking about your best friend’s wedding or a regular day at work. Particular clothes are required in both cases, however, these two occasions significantly differ. Whereas weddings sometimes can require casual or even beach outfits, business looks always need to be formal. If you’re not quite sure about the absolute must-haves when it comes to your office look, stay with us. Here are five work wardrobe staples you simply have to own.

Black pencil skirt

When in doubt, wear a black pencil skirt! This piece is one of the work wardrobe staples every working woman should own simply because it is so versatile and appropriate for business setting. The most important thing is to find the pencil skirt hemline that flatters your figure and legs in the best possible way. Just make sure that it isn’t too long, because it may make your legs appear shorter. However, it shouldn’t be too short either – never go shorter than a few inches above the knee.

White cotton button-down shirt

When it comes to business outfits, the truth is that you can never have too many white button-downs. Same as a black pencil skirt, this piece is also a must-have for every working woman out there. In fact, such a shirt perfectly matches that kind of skirt – just pair them up with black pumps and add a touch of colour to an overall outfit by introducing some astonishing jewellery. Once that is done, you will be good to go!


Structured tote

A structured tote is another must when it comes to an elegant, office-appropriate outfit. Such a bag looks truly sophisticated and glamorous, while being very practical at the same time. If you get a larger one, you will have a fashionable piece where can place all your work-related portfolios and documents, without having to worry that you will lose them. Needless to say, it will perfectly fit into your business look!

Day-to-night dress

Is there anything better than a dress that’s appropriate for both meetings with business partners and casual drinks after work? We don’t think so! If you get such a dress, you won’t have to rush home after work in order to change – this piece is a perfect choice, no matter if you’re short or tall, slim or plus size. In fact, there are so many gorgeous plus size dresses online, so make sure that you check them out and choose the perfect one for yourself!


Perfectly tailored blazer

A perfectly tailored blazer that goes with everything is another work wardrobe staple every working woman should have. You can even leave it in your office – you will be well-prepared for an unexpected business meeting this way! Such a blazer can really do wonders for almost any outfit, since it adds a necessary dose of elegance and sophistication to it. If you don’t have one yet, it’s high time you got it!


As you can see, dressing smart and office-appropriate doesn’t have to be as tricky as you probably thought. All you have to do is to get those five aforementioned pieces that are essential for any business outfit, and you are halfway there. Once that is done, you will be able to rock in your business attire!

Powerful Ways to Teach Children about Organic Lifestyle

Most people are not satisfied with the type of life they are living. Some are too fat, others too depressed, lonely. These are the problems of a modern society and are closely connected to the lifestyle. This includes food, antibiotics and drugs, nutrition and ecosystem and many other things. Organic products are in high demand lately, and more and more people are switching to organic lifestyle. There are plenty reasons behind it. Let’s break it down and see just how important It is to switch to organic lifestyle and teach your children about it.

Teach Children about Organic Lifestyle

Help them understand the social and psychological impact of organic lifestyle

Child obesity is a huge issue all over the world. Most of these children are not aware of the situation until they are old enough and it is too late. Junk food and unhealthy lifestyle tend to affect both private and social life. People will mock and judge you by your looks and your private life will always have a major obstacle on the way. In addition to improving your health, switching to a healthier lifestyle has a huge psychological boost. Looking slim will give you the confidence needed to overcome any obstacle and pursue your dreams. You can overcome depression and reconnect yourself to your friends and family. Same goes for your children – once they fall in that hole, there is no going back. Help them understand the importance of organic lifestyle, and teach them the difference between living an unhealthy and healthy life; subsequently, the impact it might have on their well-being.

Teach Children about Organic Lifestyle

Making the right decision: What is the right type of food?

Throughout our life, we tend to strive for constant improvements. This goes for both our work and health achievements. Food and the things we eat is where everything starts. The first step would be to stop eating junk food, and to visit your local farmer’s market. Explore the options and see what it has to offer. Yes, you will have to prepare all that food, but cooking can be fun and you might find a new hobby. There are plenty of quality refrigeration products which can help you with storing your food. When on the market, look for naturally grown fruit and veggies grown on naturally-fertilized soils. If you happen to know a local farmer, ask for organic food and supplies. The price will also be different than the one you pay for mass-production supplies. Let nature take care of you, as it was once done, thousands of years ago.

Teach Children about Organic Lifestyle

Clean like you’ve never cleaned before

Another thing that you can change in favor of organic is the cleaning and the products you use in your hygiene. Your kitchen and your bathroom reflect the pillars of your health, and if these two are compromised, things can go south. Most of non-organic products are flammable and toxic for both you and your environment. Cleaning products you use to wash the floor, clean the dishes and wash your laundry are also toxic and harmful. By switching to organic products, you will protect both yourself and your surroundings. This is especially important if you have children. Teach them to use organic products from their early youth, and they will grow up knowing the difference between right and wrong.

Teach Children about Organic LifestyleA bottle for an apple

Have you ever tried recycling? In order to protect Mother Nature and be in Zen with it, you have to take care of it and recycle plastic and other harmful materials. Start with the things that you use every day, such as bottles. Collect them together with your kids and take them to the local recycling center. Make sure you emphasize the importance of recycling. After you are done, you can take them to the “green community” where they can plant new trees and see how that feels. Maybe they get addicted and so do you? In the end, go for organic materials, reusable bottles and jars and get rid of unnecessary electronics. Second hand clothes is also a form of recycling. Reduce the pollution and improve your lifestyle.

Verdict-if you apply simple changes to your lifestyle, you will live a more fulfilled and happier life. Let organic become natural and let it be your routine. Make the change, and let your children learn from your example.

Raising Children to Become Future Leaders

Raising a child is probably the most difficult job one will ever face in life. Still, it is one of the most rewarding jobs as well. No one practiced for being a parent before they became one, which is precisely why you have to carefully analyze your own actions, and perceive your child as a small human being with a big soul that needs proper guidance. Raising your child to be a leader doesn’t have to mean anything different from raising your child to be just, confident and independent.

Raise Your Children to be Leaders

Encourage children’s self-belief

Believing in oneself poses a big problem for many adults, let alone kids. As a parent, you can start encouraging your child as soon as possible. Of course, simple praise for a well-played game or learned word might seem irrelevant to you, but gradual process like this means a lot for a child’s confidence. Of course, this doesn’t exclude reprimand when the child deserves it. The trick is to stay calm and approach the child as equal when explaining why something is wrong, and let the children arrive to the conclusion on their own. Never compare them with other children, but you can compare them with themselves. Tell them about the importance of believing in yourself and give them examples of their own success in this regard.

Trust and responsibility

All parents want to protect their kids from both real and imaginary dangers, but keeping your child under a glass dome is only going to make them feel insecure and overly dependent later on. Therefore, trust your kids and give them tasks to do, in order to make them feel responsible. This doesn’t have to be anything too demanding but baby steps can reach great goals. Moreover, by being responsible for small house chores, taking care of a pet or even dressing themselves, children will also learn to think for themselves. Decision-making and independence are two of the main leader traits.

Kindness and self-respect

The biggest challenge of them all might be trying to instill the value of being just. Most adults have this problem too. Being too proud and arrogant are not good leader characteristics, which has to be carefully explained, as well as shown to a child. Moreover, promoting kindness to others should be done with certain balance. The most important thing kids have to learn is that the kindness is free and wonderful, but that they should expect the same treatment. Being kind and just doesn’t mean that they have to deal with being put down by others.

Raise Your Children to be Leaders

Proper choice of toys

Creative thinking is a big part of child’s development and focus to leadership later in life. Toys can help greatly in this department. Allow your kids to play with toys, or engage in games that require their constant creativity and imagination. What’s more, superhero toys and role play can encourage them in the right direction and provide a good role model.

Learning centers

Enrolling your child in kindergarten or child care centres, is a smart move since children benefit a lot from being around other kids. What’s more, professional staff in kid’s educational centers do their best to make the kids socially comfortable and confident in speaking up. Thanks to many educational games they develop problem solving skill and learn to work with others as a team, which is indispensable for a future leader.

Make sure that the lessons and talks you give to your child are supported by your own example. It’s not what they hear that makes the kids good leaders, but what they see. By accepting the children’s unique interests and preferences, you can make them grow up to be the best version of themselves.

Inspire and Motivate Your Kids to Be Successful

Parents are on this world with a mission, and that is to guide the process of children growing up and becoming the best men and women they could possibly be. It is, of course, every parent’s desire for his/her children to have a successful and happy life, but believe it or not, kids are facing some really challenging moments in their childhood which can affect on their further development, positively or negatively. That is why it is important to encourage and inspire your kids to be optimists, hardworking and curious. Sounds easy enough, right? Here is some basic guide (which you can and should adapt to each individual kid, according to his/her personality) on how to motivate your children to be successful.

Inspire and Motivate Your Kids to Be Successful

Social Skills as a Road to Success

It should not be a surprise that happy and confident people are surrounded with good friends. If you read some business magazines and tips, you have probably noticed that one of the keys to a successful businessman/woman is communication or networking, but it is similar in private life too. Start nourishing those social skills early on, by creating chances for kids to play and learn with others. In that process, it is important to explain how precious the differences among people are and that they should respect them. Constantly teaching them (and showing with your own example) to be open-minded, respectful and willing to help others, will result in great odds for success.

Inspire and Motivate Your Kids to Be Successful

Confidence Is the Foundation of It All

The “If you can believe it, you can achieve it” attitude is actually the key to a happy and inspiring childhood, and successful and prosperous adulthood. It is very important to be supportive and encouraging about your children’s hobbies and ideas – they might not always be the most genius idea ever, but they are those little things that will make your kids feel like superheroes. You should never put them down about some mistakes, instead, explain why some things are not good for them and you should express your pride and approval when they are doing something well.

Inspire and Motivate Your Kids to Be Successful

There Is Something about Money and Hard Work

It is obvious to us that money does not grow on trees or fall from the sky, but kids, especially the very young ones have no way of knowing that. It is never too early to start introducing the notion of money, but you should never leave out the hard work from the equation. Also you should show (on your personal example) how to share possessions with others and how to help those less fortunate. It is very important to teach them about saving money too.

Giving Is Receiving

Too often we can see successful people who live in their own selfish realms, without thinking about those less fortunate. This form of success, however, does not mean happiness. It is important to teach your kids that by giving something to someone, they are not losing anything. Generous people are hard working, successful, happy, relaxed, have better relationships and they are more confident. There are plenty of kids’ books which teach this lesson, but you can show that on a practical example. Explain to your children that it would be nice to spend something on their allowance money to buy low cost baby clothing online and gift it to their younger family members, friends, or some families in the neighborhood with a new baby.

Inspire and Motivate Your Kids to Be Successful

The Constant Self-Improvement

People are lifelong learners and they are nothing if they do not grow and evolve each day. This, however, should happen naturally and willingly, and the goals that children should reach should never be forced, but imagined and designed in their creative little minds, whit your help, of course. Dreaming big is important, but it is useless if they are not trying to reach those dreams, so do your best to encourage and inspire them to make that move.

It Is Ok to Fail

Why do we fall? To learn how to pick ourselves up. Sometimes things will not go as planned, and that is ok. It is impossible to succeed every time, but that is no reason to give up. Depending on the occasion, there are two roads to go – keep trying and change the plan (goal). Always express your pride and support during those difficult moments (for toddlers failing to assemble Legos can really be a hard time), and offer your help.

In the end, let your children discover the meaning of success on their own. Different people understand it differently – it can be a loving family, a great career or some matter of intellectual nature. In any case, it is a good thing, and a prerequisite for a happy life.

How to help your introverted child make friends

For children, there is nothing better than playing, except playing with their friends and other children. Kids love spending time with other kids their age. However, not all children are as open or sociable as other, as a matter of fact, for some kids it is very hard to make friends because they are either shy or nervous. Kids that act differently than others can easily end up being the unpopular ones, without even doing anything wrong. It is up to the parents to help them through childhood, which is hard on its own. So what can parents do to help their child when it comes to making friends?

Sit down with your children

Everybody knows that it is really important to take the time to talk to you children. This should be done from an early age. Kids who are seen as introverts are not keen on talking and sharing thoughts. Being genuinely interested into what they have to say might make them open up to their parents more. This should not be forced in any way, if they are not open to the idea of talking with their parents don’t rush things, wait for another opportunity. Try pointing out that the way they act is not wrong in any way, but it would be really good for them to become more active and social.

How to help your introverted child make friends

Party time

Kids love parties, it can be a great way to meet new friends, get together with old ones and become a more social person. Throwing a party as a teenager can bring you a lot of popularity and skyrocket you on the social ladder. The same goes for kids of young age, they will be seen by their peers as popular. And what could be more popular than having your kid’s favorite superheroes coming to the party. You can arrange a visit from kids’ party entertainers that will make this party great. A well-organized party should make others forget that your kid isn’t very social and doesn’t like to talk. This could make other kids include your child into their activities and result in new friendships for your loved one.

Dealing with crises

Children learn how to behave through situations they encounter. Of course, kids will sometimes act badly. It is important to see your kid’s reaction in certain situations and correct their behavior if needed. Praising and scolding shouldn’t be overdone. If the children sometimes don’t get what they want they shouldn’t cry and scream in public. On the other hand, it might sometimes be beneficial for them to moderately brag and boast in front of other children. Simply use positive reinforcement when they act appropriately, or, in a normal voice explain if their behavior isn’t acceptable.

How to help your introverted child make friends

Group activities

Motivate your kids to become more active through some extracurricular activities. If your kid has an affinity for a certain sport, encourage them to try it out. Kids who play sports are always popular with their peers. This can be a great idea since they will have a common interest with other kids, they spend a lot of time together and eventually become friends. Same goes for other activities besides sport. Encourage them to try an instrument, learn a craft, and take up dancing if they are into it. This only gives your children more chance to become social.

It is not possible to implement all of this overnight. Have patience with your child and give them time to grow into a more sociable person. Simply give them support, be there for them and don’t try to force them into something they don’t like.