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Tips to Improve Your Mental Wellbeing

 Mental pain is less dramatic than physical pain, but it is more common and also more hard to bear.”

C. S. Lewis


Feeling happy is just one part of mental wellbeing, not the whole. The whole encompasses feelings of contentment, enjoyment and engagement with the world. It also involves feelings of confidence and self-esteem.

In a sense, mental wellbeing is dependent on internal thought process as much as it’s on the external circumstances. It’s about living healthy, maintaining positive relationships and feeling empowered to do all what the heart wants.

Mental wellbeing does never mean not facing difficult situations and adverse feelings in life but it’s rather about coping them in a better and more positive manner. It’s about tiding over tough times with a smile and bringing joy to the self and the people around.


There are some tips to improve mental wellbeing, including:



Doing regular exercise is a good way to boost your mental wellbeing. Its advantages are two folds – it keeps you motivated and helps release a mood-enhancing substance (endorphins). So, exercising makes a great sense for its physical and physiological benefits alike. The best part, you can exercise and feel happy even without joining fitness classes.


Connect with people around you

Mental wellbeing is not possible unless you connected with the people around. So, be it friends or family members or pals from wider social circuits, you need to widen the horizon and forge meaningful relationships. This will make you feel secure and happy.


Find some activity to engage with

Being busy with some pursuit or other is often considered a great way to feeling happy and contended. You can go walking, cycling, playing some sports or just jogging around in the park. This keeps you away from accumulating stress and feeling depressed.


Open up and pour your heart out

It’s advisable not to hide more than what you can stomach. Hiding feelings and emotions for too long can upset the rhythm and balance of your life. More so, pretending to be OK when you’re not is a big NO. Show the real ‘YOU’ to the world.


Learn new skills

Feeling confident or feeling a sense of achievement is something which makes most of us happy. You can feel this way in many ways and the easiest of them all is by leaning some new skills. Try learning what you could not up until now and find some purpose in that.


Let positivity be a part of your life  

The more positive you feel, the more your mental wellbeing will improve. So, start hanging out with only positive people and let negatives get left behind. You can’t allow negative feelings to find a shelter around you, ever.


Have fun  

Having fun is akin to feeling happy. And feeling happy means having an improved mental wellbeing. So, adjust your busy schedule a bit and make sure to make fun a part of your life.



In overall, with little care and some tips, you can improve your mental wellbeing and lead a rewarding and enriching life.


Meditation Plus Running as a Treatment for Depression

What is more beneficial, meditation or running? What would you prefer doing if both delivered health benefits although in different ways?

Well, to start, you should know that meditation before running brings more benefits to mental health than doing either of them separately. It’s also proven how, when done together, they can help those facing depression.

As we know, depression is caused when one fails to rise beyond the past or past unhappy memories. Hence, by combining both of these exercises can help you in many ways. After all, meditation is known as a powerful force since ages ago as it helps in reduction of stress levels and clearing the mind.

We also know that running is a great form of exercise that lifts the mood and enables a surge of positive emotions. We can clearly see how both of these are effective ways to having a positive impact on mental health. Similarly, both of these are emotionally beneficial activities with great benefits to fight against depression.

Keeping the benefits of meditation and running in mind, a team of researchers at Rutgers University in New Brunswick, N.J., tried to see the results appearing from their collaboration or synergy. It means, the collective impact of an aerobic exercise and mediation was gauged to come to a conclusion. And the result is something that creates a great hope for those dealing with depression.


Here are some key points from the new study, published last month in Translational Psychiatry:

  • The study proved that the synergy helps individuals alleviate depressive thoughts and feelings over time.
  • The study confirmed that meditation before running is more beneficial than doing these activities alone.
  • The participants experienced a diminishing inclination to ruminate over bad memories, which is a major case of depression.
  • The collaboration brought positive results to even those practitioners who are not inflicted with depression of any level.
  • The growth of new brain cells or neurons was reported among participants, which is often prevented during depression.

The study was conducted on a total of 52 men and women, and out of them, 22 were diagnosed with depression. It was a short study which lasted for 8 weeks in total and the researchers also did not follow up with the study to gauge whether the mood improvement lingered on or not.

During the study, synergistic effects were delivered on the brains of participants. It was found that the mood gets better and the intensity of depression gets lower in a gradual manner. It was also found that participants showed an increased level of concentration and attention span.



It’s obvious how mediation and running can combine to help people with depression. The study was, however, small but ended up peeking into an area we could not till now. In a way, it is surely an interesting study whose findings bring some hope to those facing depression for long.


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Let jumping exercises bring you big doses of fun and health benefits together

Yes, you heard it right! Jumping exercises bring a whole range of health benefits. So, it should be an integral part of your fitness routine for many reasons, including:

• It’s one of the best exercises
• Extremely simple to do
• Makes your exercises a lot more fun
• A great way to keep yourself fit

So what if you did not know earlier? You can start today itself and gain what you could not till now. Once your workouts include jumps, you stand to gain a lot on physical fitness front.

Besides, such exercises are a great way to inject some cheerfulness to those monotonous-turning regimented-workouts. It means, you can start jumping the moment your exercises turn monotonous!


So, it looks as if nothing brings as much flexibility and as many benefits as this simple exercises does. With so much to gain from jumping, make sure it got added to your routine.

Jump In 2

Jumping exercises benefit you on many fronts, including:

Cardiovascular Benefits
Your heart muscle strengthens and becomes healthy when you do regular jumps. More so, jumping exercises keep your heart pumping and also boost oxygen intake to the body. This results in the increased ability of the body in the area of oxygen absorption and consumption. More energy is thus produced out of those oxygen intake leading to superior functionality of different systems in the body.

Toning of legs
No exercise helps tone the legs as effectively and quickly as does jumping. The best part is, it employs all the muscles of the lower body. With that, the legs are bound to show improvement in a quick way. Besides, the bones too benefit in the process.

Toning of the body
Nothing helps tone the body as much as jumping does. And no other exercise can sculpt your business as effectively as it does. Together with leg muscles, it also involves abdominal muscles to deliver better balance to the body. Many other muscles too are utilized and in fact, nothing utilizes as much or as many muscles as jumping does.

Calorie burning
Do a 10-minute jumps daily and shed off over 100 calories! Yes, jumping is that much effective and impactful. It means, this exercise ensures that calories are never a problem to you, ever. And the best part is, people love jumping and never regard it a form of exercise. So, you will surely do it more frequently.

Benefits to nervous and lymphatic systems
Jumping helps one to stay free of depression and stress-related problems. It basically stabilizes the nervous system and induces release of serotonin. Similarly, the more you jump regularly, the more benefits reached to the lymph of the body to ultimately boost the immunity system.

Boost to metabolism and digestion
With jumping exercises, one can lower the level of cholesterol and triglyceride in the body. The metabolism is stimulated and chances of obesity are cut down a great deal. Apart from improving sleep quality, it also helps better digestion, relaxation and elimination process.

Pain and fatigue relief
Jumping brings relief from a variety of pains, including neck, back, headache etc. Together with boosting bone density, it also helps prevent arthritis. You won’t feel any bouts of fatigue with regular jumping, and your abdominal issues are treated with ease. It also keeps you away from those untimely colds and allergies-related issues.

It’s clear that jumping brings a lot of health benefits and helps you stay fit and fine. It does not take much of an effort and simplicity is its hallmark. With so much benefits to gain, there is no reason you should miss out on its virtues. Go and jump to gain a lot!


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