8 Irresistible Healthy Foods You Can Add to Your Diet Plan

Are you having a difficult time resisting some of the best foods out there as you pursue the diet plan that you have set? Who knows? Some of your favorite foods may just be included on your list and still be able to achieve your ideal body figure or maintain your health. So, take a good look at this list and see whether your favorite food is included.

Green Tea

Wishing to get rid of your excess fluids? Getting tired of always feeling bloated? Well, adding green tea should definitely be a revision to the diet plan that you have always been used to. Also, green tea also makes your metabolism faster, helping you lose excess fat easier.


Offering protein and vitamin E, almonds will not only make your skin look better, but will also suppress your hunger with its high fiber content. Even if it has a high calorie content, studies reveal that you still wouldn’t have belly fat as you consume this.


Just like other tropical fruits, adding this sweet and succulent fruit to your diet can ease that annoying feeling of being bloated and have your stomach settled. Also, it can prevent you from experiencing heartburn. Craving for sweets can also be minimized as it contains fructose.


This may be a bit difficult to believe, but oats can be a great help for people trying to lose weight. Eating this as your breakfast can give you natural energy. Oats can definitely keep you from getting hungry for a long period of time and may even help you in cutting your consumption of foods high in cholesterol.

Banana Bread

You can never go wrong when eating banana bread, which are very tasty and easy to make, and bananas, in general, as they can help you lose weight. They also give your body zinc for your skin to be healed, energy and fiber that can make you feel full for a long time. It also contains high potassium levels for water retention.


Melon contains high levels of potassium. This is how you can treat it as an alternative which has low levels of calories and high levels of antioxidants which helps in removing excess body fluids.

BBQ Turkey Burgers

You don’t believe it? Yes, BBQ Turkey Burger is a great lean protein source, which makes you feel fuller for a longer time. It also contains amino acids for muscle development.

Cranberry Juice

Containing high anti-oxidizing vitamin C levels, excess body fluids can easily be eliminated through excretion by drinking cranberry juice. Just make sure that what you are drinking is sugar-free and is not the cranberry juice cocktail – the one which contributes greatly in weight gain.

So, did you find your favorite foods in this list? Were you surprised that you still get the chance to eat it while following your diet plan? Know which among your favorite foods can be retained in your diet and make your weight loss journey more enjoyable and less of a torture.