5 Ways To Spin a Positive Yarn From The Negative Threads of Life

I had a crazy night some time back. It involved rushing to the clinic at night. Inside, I was going back and forth with the receptionist, telling her that we absolutely had to the cut the queue as we had an emergency. She gave me irritated, curt replies all the time. Everybody else in the clinic were staring at us.

But it all turned out good in the end. My girlfriend’s allergic reaction to eating a single, cashew nut subsided.

It was nonetheless still one of the most messed up nights ever. I actually thought my girlfriend was going to die. It all happened so quickly. She had trouble breathing and she broke out in hives all over her body.

Thinking for the worse

I honestly couldn’t help it. Just watching my girlfriend suffer like that made me miserable. I had a wide array of negative thoughts in my head:

“Why this is have to happen?”

“Why are we so unlucky?”

“Is she going to die? Please don’t let her die”

You get the idea.

And yet, after the ordeal, we were determined not to let this “little” incident faze us. There’s no point in a living a paranoid life, no matter what happens. We tend to look up all the time.

Here are 5 ways to spin the positive yarn from the negative threads of life

1) Look in the good of people

When something bad happens to you, there’ll always be someone out there who would be willing to care for you.

A guy in the clinic, who was suffering from severe stomach pains actually offered to get up from the bed he was lying on (we were in the other consultation room then) for my girlfriend. It was really nice of him and we all started chatting.

As much as it can be tough or that as if everything is against you, it’s not. There’re decent folks out there who are always willing to help. Don’t forget that. Don’t let the negative people take that idea away from you. Otherwise, you’d just become like them.

2) Be thankful

My girlfriend felt bad that she was a bother and that I had to foot the bill. Night clinic opened 24-hours aren’t cheap man.

But I told her this, “Don’t ever worry about such material things. At least you didn’t suffer more or things didn’t turn for the worse”.

As cliche as it sounds, you got to be grateful. You got to give thanks that things didn’t turn out worse, and it is very possible that it can happen. Be thankful for what you have too. As hectic as it was for us to be in the clinic, I can just imagine how bad things could have been otherwise.

3) Going back to your loving roots

I personally find that there’s so much noise in the world that we forget about what’s important in life, mainly the fact that you’re loved by your friends and family.
Think about it, we’re so caught up in the rat race that “busy” has become a norm. And while growing up, skewed ideas of independence or being an introvert has made us forget our roots.

I guess that’s why most people tend to only remember how important family and friends are only after something bad happens.

So don’t forget it. Let whatever that has happened allow you to see what’s truly important in life. Then don’t ever let it go.

My mom actually came to pick us up from the clinic afterwards. She was even ready to foot the bill. After I thanked her at the end of the night, she replied that she’d always be there for me.

4) Be smart, be safe

I’m reluctant to say, “Everything happens for a reason”. That’s too trite.

As mentioned, leading a paranoid life is not a life at all. That’s not how you learn things. I think what we can do instead is to simply learn and take the little precautions for the future.

There’re always a ton of lessons in everything. You can absorb as much as you want, but be smart about it. Balance it out with your new mindset. Then keep looking forward.

5) Inspire others

It’s time to let others in into your journey. That’s where you spread the lessons out and help others with what you learnt.
That’s why I’m writing this blog post. I also wrote a massive email to my list telling them about the ordeal. I got a bunch of replies from readers who said they can relate to what I went through.

See, not only can you learn even more from others, but you can also help them. Inspire people with your story, because people love stories. You may have suffered, but your suffering alone would definitely help more than a handful of people, even if you don’t see it.

That’s my story guys.

It was crazy, but I’m super thankful it all turned out well. I’m also pretty glad that I’m given the chance to write this out and help those who’re reading this.

If I were to surmise everything I said, it would go something like this: Don’t be too upset if bad things happen to you, for it will be over soon. Be thankful for the lessons you will learn as they will create great strides for your future. Be smart, be safe and most of all, just be happy.