4 Things You Should Know About Being Rejected

Have you recently been rejected after an interview at your dream job? Did some of your friends turn their backs from you when they learned about your past? Did the girl that you have courted for years say “no” to you when you asked her to be your girlfriend? There is nothing more painful than being rejected, especially when you were not able to prepare for the worst. It goes side by side with disappointment and it can really make you feel so many negative feelings about the people around you, but especially about yourself. But to help brighten up the dark days that you have gone through, here are four things you should know about rejection.

Rejection helps you know your real worth

Before the act of rejection, you still have this view of your own image that you have created in your mind with the use of your past experiences. With this, you have come up with your own projection of your self-worth. But through rejection, you will come to realize many things – like you are not this and you are really that. You will find your new weaknesses and new strengths and you will be able to use these to be the better person what you were made to be.

Rejection gives you countless life lessons

Rejection can be an eye-opener. You might have been so full of yourself before you got rejected, but once you see that you cannot get everything that you want, you will learn how to treat your strengths better and not look at them as avenues to be too proud and feel superior towards other people. Rejection will teach you how to be humble and this is a great way to develop your character.

Rejection can be used to lead yourself towards greener pastures

If you have ever felt rejected, keep in mind that it is not yet the end of the world for you. Working really hard on something, which turns out to be below the standards and expectations set by other people, can really make you feel down. However, looking at the brighter side can lead you towards greener pastures – to the place where you really belong. Just like how the popular saying goes, “When one door closes, a window opens.” All you need to do is to search for the window that belongs to you.

Rejection isn’t as bad as you think it is

Yes, rejection can make you feel really bad about yourself, especially if you have exerted so much effort in achieving one thing and you do not get the results that you want. You start spending too much time figuring out how you can eliminate your weaknesses and you can even blame other people for your downfall – these things are normal. However, you should also be reminded that staying in the pit for too long will bring you nowhere. Always look at the positive side of being rejected, move on and turn your weaknesses into strengths.