4 Easy Ways To Boost Your Happiness

My perception of what happiness meant was skewed. Looking back, I now understand why I wasn’t happy. I thought that buying new things, going to expensive restaurants and living a life of luxury would make me happy. I was one of the lucky ones and I actually got to experience living life like that.

But it didn’t make me happy. I did however learn what can make me happy, and I think that sharing my experience can help you become happier too.

I will take you on a journey by going back in time and listing all the things I’ve done to become happy when I realized that money can merely make my life less stressful, but not much else.


I knew that I had to calm my mind and thus calm my feelings down so that I could then figure out what I want out of life. When the negative emotions are bubbling in us, we find it hard to make a realistic assessment of our current situation.

Meditating helped me relax deeply and fully, and after each session I was closer to my soul, to my essence, closer to realizing what I truly care about. It is such a pity that so many people are just like I was, thinking that new stuff will fill the emotional void they feel. And it might, but for just the briefest periods of time.


Exercise helps us in many ways. First, it keeps us healthier. We need to move our bodies so that it can function optimally. Exercise also helps create dopamine and serotonin, two chemicals in our bodies that both make us happier and alleviate a depressive mood.

Our minds and bodies are connected, and in order for each of them to be able to work on optimal level, we need to take good care of both.


I always despised the new agey culture of self improvement enthusiasts. But since I’ve started changing myself so much, I wanted to give hypnosis a try. Honestly, it is something I’ve always wanted to do, but was afraid of being ridiculed.

I learned that trying new things is a great way to expand our awareness. It turned out that we are in a state of hypnosis every day – anytime we are deeply immersed into an activity, any activity. A good example might be a great movie we get so tuned into, that the rest of the world seizes to exists for us until the movie ends.

The only difference is that a hypnotist would help us get into this state, but amplified, and would help us focus our awareness at the parts of our lives that need fixing.


Donating and later seeing those donations used to help people, particularly children, made me extremely hyped up. I’ve gotten into a frenzy and started donating money to charity left and right. Red Cross, Unicef, Mater Foundation through their house lotteries (which was rather fun), you name it.

There are few things as exciting as seeing people who need help receive it. So, even if you can’t afford to donate money, you can donate your old stuff or even better – your time.

Eventually, I’ve realized that these activities did make me happy. I’ve realized that when I go towards my goal, when I work hard on myself and especially on helping others out as much as I can, I am happy.